KIMSHEALTH Medical Center Umm Al Hassam

KIMSHEALTH Bahrain Medical Centre (KBMC) is the first private venture in Bahrain, which began its operations in 2004. KBMC has three institutions in Bahrain located at Umm Al Hassam and the recently opened one Muharraq. KBMC is a multi-specialty outpatient centre with diagnostic facilities and a pharmacy which has gained instant popularity due to the accessibility, affordability and quality of service.

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Our Specialities

At KIMSHEALTH Medical Center, our aim is to deliver quality medical care by remaining committed to providing the impeccable patient care and experience.

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Our Doctors

What Our Patients Are Saying

Thank you sir, the way you help me and care me when the situation (medically) was not good


I would like to give big thanks to Dr. G Rijju and all the team members, they treated me with full care and professional support which helped me recover so quickly.

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VideosApril 9, 2021, 3:24 p.m.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis | Dr. Kiran Kakandki

Visit Dr. Kiran Kakandki to diagnose and treat Osteoarthritis at KIMSHEALTH Umm Al Hassam Medical Center

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Dysmenorrhea and How To Manage It | Dr. Urli Avellanosa

Visit Dr. Urli Avellanosa to treat Dysmenorrhea at KIMSHEALTH Umm Al Hassam Medical Center

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