Facts About Endometriosis

1) What is endometriosis?

The innermost lining of the uterus is called endometriosis. Presence of this tissue outside the uterus is termed endometriosis.

2) Is endometriosis common?

Endometriosis is common in the age group of 25- 40 years. The incidence in child bearings age group is 1 in 10.

3) Who are at risk?

History of endometriosis in mother and sister increases the risk to 1 in 6 times.

4) Other reasons

• Early menarche (first periods)

• Delayed pregnancy

• Hormone imbalance

• Irregular and excessive bleeding

• Asian race

• Sexual contact during periods

5) Cause

• Real cause is unknown.

• During normal periods, a small amount of blood and endometrium escapes into the peritoneal cavity. The body’s defense reacts against this blood. Occasionally this defense mechanism fails, leading to endometriosis.

6) Signs

• Sever Abdominal (lower) and lower back ache during periods

• Difficulty to conceive

• Mental distress

• Dysparunia (pain during coitus)

7) How to Diagnose

• USG (ultra sound)

• Laparoscopy – day care surgery

8) How to Treat

• Hormonal treatment (by using oral injections) can only control the disease and reduce the pain.

• Surgery- it can correct the disease to certain extent along with medication.

• Being a progressive disease it cannot be completely cured


• Take medicines as per doctor’s advice.

• Don’t interrupt the medicine in between.

• Inform the doctor if any bleeding or white discharge occurs.

• Use the contraceptives during treatment only as per doctor’s advice.

• Take balanced diet.



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