What is IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)?

Husband’s sperm is collected using special laboratory techniques, healthy sperms are separated and they are transferred into the uterus.

Who need IUI?


• Semen with low count &/or reduced motility

• Premature ejaculation.

• Difficulty in sexual contact.

• Retrograde ejaculation

• Genital problems.


• Ovulation problems.

• Endometriosis.

• Unexplained infertility.

• Those receiving injections for improving the ovulation have better success rate with IUI.

Success Rate

19-25 %, Successive IUI’s have higher success rate.

Pre medication before IUI

• Oral medication from3rd day of periods.

• Follow up of follicular growth using scan.

• Triggering ovulation with HCG injection when follicle is of right size.

• Success rate is improved by giving hormone injections to increase the number of follicles.

Do’s for Husband before IUI

• Avoid sexual contact/ Abstinence for at least 2 days before IUI

• Wash the genitals well before semen collection.

Details of IUI

• Couples have to outpatient at a specified time advised as per the timing of HCG injection.

• No diet restriction on day of procedure.

• Semen I collected and processed.

• After a specified time (around 1.5- 2 hours) – husband’s semen is placed into wife’s uterus using a thin cannula.

• Anesthesia/ sedation is not required.

• It is painless and bloodless procedure of less than 5 mins.

• Lady has to rest for at least 1 hour.

• She can return home the same day.

• IUI on 2 successive days can improve success rate.

• Bed rest following procedure is not needed.

• Avoid heavy work, long journey and sexual contact till the date of next expected period.

• If the next period is missed- check morning sample of urine for pregnancy/ report to doctor.

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