The Neonatal ICU is divided into two distinct areas, one unit for the treatment of critically ill babies who require ventilator support and is equipped with ventilators, CPAP, High flow canola. Intrusion pumper, multi-channel monitor, etc. Another step-down NICU for growing preterm Babies or photo-therapy for jaundice etc.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sharon Victoria Mendez
Dr. Sharon Victoria Mendez


Pediatrics, Neonatology


Procedures & Treatments


  • Caring of preterm babies from 25 weeks onwards

  • Surfactant treatment for RDS, MAS ..etc.

  • Facilities for invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support

  • Neonatal ventilators including High-frequency Ventilation

  • CPAP

  • HFNC ( High flow nasal cannula)

  • T-Piece

  • Parenteral nutrition

  • Total Body Cooling for babies with birth Asphyxia

  • ROP Screening

  • Functioned Echocardiography and Neun Sonography

  • Neonatal Screening

  • Portable X-Ray

  • Lactational counseling

  • Development Supportive Care

Other highlights

  • Around the clock availability of Neurologists

  • Dedicated and skilled nurses and junior doctors team.

  • We Involve mother in caring for the newborn, KMC, NNS, etc.

  • High-risk newborn follow up

  • Great support from pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, OBG and Cardiology Departments for giving babies a better outcome.

  • High survived rate without a disability. (Survived from 600grm, 25 Weeks Onwards)

  • Very Law infection Rate.


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