General Surgery

General Surgery

Our General Surgeons at KIMSHEALTH Bahrain Medical Center - Muharraq are highly qualified and experienced for the diagnosis and treatment of all general surgical cases. Our scope covers both open as well as laparoscopic surgery in treating general conditions such as varicosities, acute abdominal conditions, hernia repair, breast lumps, hemorrhoids and thyroid disease.Alongside general surgeries, we offer a wide range of surgical procedures. Our general surgeons are also capable of skillfully performing the latest in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries and are back by medical technologies that greatly reduce the medical risks of surgery.

Our General surgeons employ a wide range of knowledge and skills to perform surgery, often in emergency situations and encompasses a broad range of surgeries and have an important role to play in emergency departments where emergency surgery is needed.

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Dr. Rebeka R Thaman


General Surgery

KIMSHEALTH Medical Center Muharraq

Laparoscopy procedures

Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery (also known as “keyhole surgery”) is widely used within general surgery. These techniques are also popular with patients as there is less scarring, shorter recovery time and improved outcomes. Most abdominal operations including bowel tumor removal and hernia repair can be carried out laparoscopically.


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