Emergency Medicine

The 24/7 Emergency Department provides comprehensive medical care from minor illnesses to life-threatening situations, urgent care for those who do not need full day hospitalization etc. All ER patients receive a timely triage (assessment) and are then classified according to the acuity of their complaint. In addition, a medical screening is performed by the concerned specialist to determine whether an emergency medical condition exists.

Our Doctors

Dr. Mary Philip

Sr. Specialist

Emergency Medicine


Dr. Reshma Maria Sabu

Medical officer

Emergency Medicine


Procedures & Treatments


Through the emergency department, patients will have immediate access to highly accomplished specialists and the most advanced diagnostic services with state-of-the-art emergency care services.

  • Management of acute medical, surgical, cardiac, pediatric and neonatal emergencies

  • Care to all trauma victims including polytrauma following RTAs, i.e. falls or assault

  • Acute burns and poisoning management

  • Disaster management

  • Well-trained clinicians and nurses

  • Ambulance service for patients

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