Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Dept

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Dept

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Procedures & Treatments


  • Correction of congenital malformations including cleft lip, cleft palate, abnormalities in limbs like hand deformities, finger  anomalies, ear & nose abnormalities, post cleftlipnose -defects.

  •  Cosmetic surgery including liposuction of abdomen,thighs,chin etc. Abdominoplasty, breast reduction, breast  augmentation,Brachioplasty (Arm surgery), thigh lift, Body liposculpturing, botox injection, filler and fat injection,  dermabrasion, chemical peeling

  •  Management for various tissue defects

  •  Reconstructive surgery for hand deformities and injuries.

  •  Micro vascular surgery including revascularization and replantation of amputated parts and free tissue transfers. 

  •  Comprehensive care of burns including resuscitation, wound cover, management of contractures etc

  •  Management of Primary & Secondary Lymphoedema

  •  Scar Management: - medical and surgical management of various types of scars, Hypertrophic scar, Post-operative scars,  Keloid scars, post burn scars.

  •  Management of hyperhydrosis- Axillary and hand)(excessive sweating in the axilla and hand)

  •  Facial sculpturing with fat injection- hollow cheek, chubby cheeks etc., breast and buttock augmentation by fat transfer

  •  Lip Augmentation by filler injection

  •  Correction of protruding ears or large ears or bat ears by surgical setback, repair of large ear holes or torn earlobes &  other ear defects

  •  Management of facial wrinkles & depressions by Botox injection & fillers.

  •  Post cancer surgery -reconstruction of excised parts- breast reconstruction after mastectomy, nipple aerial  reconstruction , lip, nose, ears-other defects reconstruction

  •  Refashioning of female and male Genitalia

  •  Treatment of large male breast(gynacomastia) by surgery & liposuction

  •  Treatment of sagging breast by mastopexy

  •  Management of large tattoos- surgical removal

  •  Eyebrows & moustache hair loss (Allopecia) surgical management

  •  Treatment of accessory breast + large axillary breast folds that prevents women from wearing sleeveless dresses.

  •  Removal of post acne,cheek& face scar by Dermabrasion& scar management

  •  Treatment of localised stable vitilligo patches & hypopigmentation by plastic surgery.

  •  Surgical excision of corns


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