04 Jul 2020 | 2 mins

Sleep apnoea is a chronic illness with a shallow infrequent pause in breathing. There are there types of sleep apneas, of which the commonest is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). OSA is due to an upper airway collapse while sleeping; caused by increased neck circumference due to obesity/ adenotonsillar enlargement/ tongue fall etc. Undiagnosed/ untreated OSA can lead to diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, myocardial infarction, and stroke. 

Clinical symptoms of OSA include:
1. Loud snoring
2. Early morning headaches
3. Excessive daytime sleepiness
4. Difficulty in concentrating at work
5. OSA can be diagnosed by getting a sleep study done along with a few basic blood investigations.

Treatment of OSA
1. Treatment includes both medical and surgical management.
2. Control of weight and obesity forms an important part of the management of OSA.

The medical intervention comprises of:
1. Ventilating devises like CPAP, BiPAP
2. Concurrent management of diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disorders

Hence, with early detection and proper therapy, patients can finally get a good sleep and improve their overall health.          

Dr. Vysakh V Kumar, MBBS, MD (Pulmonary Medicine)

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