04 Jul 2020 | 3 mins

The hand is one of the vital parts of our body as hand injuries can hamper daily living as well as vocational and recreational activities.
Hand injuries can handicap the workforce of a family and society and the nation. It can cause despair and ruin the hopes of an individual under stress and makes him worthless to the family and society.

Hand injuries vary from small to big injuries especially from a kitchen knife to grievous crush injuries from road traffic accidents to industrial accidents. The severity of injury also varies from small abrasion to severe mutilating injuries with tissue/ bone loss. Depth of injuries also varies from injury of skin to other soft tissue to muscle-bone tendon nerve or blood vessels. 

Bone involvement in the form of fractures and dislocations can add up to the severity of the injury. Timely intervention, appropriate diagnosis adequate treatment and active rehabilitation protocols are the gold standards for injuries of the hand. All these hand injuries need expert attention as a fully functioning hand is a necessity and once healed to deformity then getting back a normal hand is a difficulty. This is where hand surgeon can save you from having a functional hand which can get you back to work.

Dr. Ricky Raj Thomas, MBBS, MS (Ortho), PDFHS
Orthopedics, hand and microvascular surgeon

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