Apart from receiving patients from all over the country, KIMSHEALTH also renders service to international patients from all over the world, the majority being the GCC countries. Our dedicated team seamlessly combines the medical needs of patients, individual preferences and cultural, linguistic and religious expectations into a tailored experience that makes the patients feel as close to home as possible.

Our staff members work as a team to provide seamless service tailored to patient's personal and cultural expectations. Every year, we coordinate the highest quality health care for a large number of patients from more than 50 countries. Our staffs assist them during all phases of their care:

Service Provided by the IPR Department

Appointment scheduling Appointment scheduling
Second Opinion via e-mail Second Opinion via e-mail
Visa processing Visa processing
Accommodation Assistance Accommodation Assistance
Airport (Pickup / Drop) Airport (Pickup / Drop)
Personal escort to medical appointments Personal escort to medical appointments
Translator Services Translator Services
Personalized Care Personalized Care
Follow-up appointment(s) scheduling Follow-up appointment(s) scheduling
Financial counseling Financial counseling
Insurance payment processing Insurance payment processing
Wifi Access Wifi Access
International Lounge International Lounge
Leave letters Leave letters
Travel Assistance Travel Assistance

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We will assist and coordinate for your needs from travel, transportation and accommodation to insurance verification along with an appointment with one of our experienced Consultants.

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