“Quality Never Diluted at KIMSHEALTH”

Since its inception, KIMSHEALTH is the pioneer in Quality and Patient safety in India and the focus has always been on affordable Safe Quality Care. CMD’s philosophy about quality forms the core of all decisions, whether the issues be centered on clinical, administrative, financial, operations or any other aspect of hospital life.

KIMSHEALTH is the first hospital in India to get an International (Australian Council for Health standards International) and National accreditation (NABH - National Accreditation Board for HCO) way back in 2006 when quality was comparatively a new concept in Indian healthcare Industry. Currently KIMSHEALTH is having 8 accreditations in place which includes – ACHSI, NABH, NABL, NABH – Nursing, MIS, Blood bank, ED & NNF Level-III B for Neonatology. These accreditations ensure safe and benchmarked practices in KIMSHEALTH. We received Patient safety award in the year 2009, Golden peacock award for Quality in Health services in the year 2013 and AHPI award for Quality beyond accreditation. CMD Dr.M.I Sahadullah is the only Asian Healthcare Leader to receive the prestigious ACHSI Golden Medallion for his contribution to Quality and patient safety.

The sustenance of Quality in health care delivery is an essential and important factor which is only possible by implementing effective systems in place. Standardization and uniformity is the accepted norm of patient safety so well laid international and national policies and protocols guide the practices and processes in KIMSHEALTH. Occurrence variance reporting is encouraged by the management to identify the gaps in processes which is rectified by effective corrective and preventive actions. This keeps the system robust and fool proof .Medical boards are convened to give a streamlined treatment regime to patients with comorbidities.

Key performance Indicator is an effective tool to measure the patient outcome. 72 mandatory indicators help the departments to ascertain that the outcome is measured and benchmarked to international standards. Any spike/trends in KPI are noted by the concerned department and measures are taken to benchmark it to accepted standards. Regular audits are performed on clinical outcomes and these results are published to all staff.

Inculcating quality culture is the first step towards building a quality conscious work force so all employees who join KIMSHEALTH has to go through a rigorous screening and onboarding program. Clinicians and paramedical staff has to undergo a stringent credentialing and privileging process which ensures that patients are in safe hands. Mandatory on the job training is a part and parcel of enhancing the skills and competencies of staff.

Committees form the backbone of Quality system.13 clinical and10 non-clinical committees contribute extensively to enhance the quality of care.

Client management system is actively used for a better patient experience and to meet the expectation of patients. We have five portals for reporting patient complaints and suggestions. Effective and fast grievance redressal system ensures that patient suggestions and complaints are addressed with due importance. No complaint is left unheard by the management. “Patient first” is the motto preached and practiced by the management and staff in KIMSHEALTH.

Striving for excellence in healthcare delivery keeps our ranking in top 5 hospitals in India. Clinical governance and ethical practices helps us in developing future generations of safe and ethical healthcare advocates.

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