At KIMSHEALTH, we realize the anxiety that patients and their families go through when they travel to a foreign country for treatment. It is important for patients to be well prepared prior to their visit. To make sure that the stressful journey that they embark on is smooth and without any hassles, KIMSHEALTH will help the patients in every step of the way.

We have set up a Global Patients Unit at KIMSHEALTH to aid patients in preparing and planning their visit to the hospital. At KIMSHEALTH, we not only provide the best medical treatment but also make patients feel at home and relaxed during their care with us.

We have listed a few key stages that you will go through as a patient and the measures that must be taken:

Getting Enquiry

Before a visit, patients and their family must carefully go through our website. On our website, we offer comprehensive information about our specialties, doctors, and practices. If you are considering KIMSHEALTH as the hospital for your medical care, find out about our capabilities, amenities, technologies, and facilities. If you are keen on a particular hospital, but are uncertain of your preference, get in touch with our medical representative for more support.

Checking with Doctor

After deciding on the hospital and the location, talk to a doctor or an online representative and share your medical reports. Get a clear understanding from the doctor about how the treatment will go forward. If you are keen on getting in touch with a physician online, fill in the ‘Consultation form’ from the doctor’s profile.

Revert within 24 hours

Once you make an enquiry and check with a doctor, we will get back to you within 24 hours. To provide the most appropriate answers, we may ask you a few more questions and request you to share your medical records to get more clarity.

Finalizing day of visit

Before finalizing a day for your visit, make sure that you have all your documents in place. For instance, make sure that you have a valid visa for an adequate duration. Keep your insurance papers ready. Once all your documents are in proper order, fix an appointment with your doctor and book your travel tickets.

Escort to Hotel

All international patients who come to India and specifically visit KIMSHEALTH for treatment will be escorted to their respective hotels.

OP Consultation

On your first visit, you will go through an out-patient consultation. This procedure includes all the major steps in an out-patient meeting with the doctor in our hospital.

Treatment Plan

Based on your preliminary medical report, we will prepare a treatment plan for you for the entire duration of your stay in India.

Follow-up Appointment Scheduling

Once your treatment is over, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that all necessary formalities are completed.

For More Information Contact Us

We will assist and coordinate for your needs from travel, transportation and accommodation to insurance verification along with an appointment with one of our experienced Consultants.

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