1. Intelligence Test – Standardized IQ tests helps to evaluate the level of cognitive development of the child .
  2. Achievement testing – Gives an estimate of the child’s current proficiency and mastery of various academic skills. It can help to find out the current level of functioning of the child in various areas like reading , spelling , math calculations kills , academic knowledge etc .
  3. Psycho- educational assessments –It helps to identify the causes of academic and behavioral issues and identify the plan for improving academic performance .It also helps in identifying learning disabilities.
  4. Developmental assessments –to identify developmental delays and to analyze patterns of relative areas of strength and weakness
  5. Academic skills assessments – to identify the level of academic competencies in each area of learning and also to evaluates the learning style of the child to guide for corrections if any .
  6. Speech and language assessments –to evaluate the speech , language and communication skills of children .
  7. Evaluation of Fine motor and gros motor skills- to assess muscle strength , power , endurance of the proximal stability muscular group and disassociation of limbs and joints
  8. Sensory Evaluation -To identify the sensory causes of behavioral problems like over sensitivity to senses like smell
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