Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

The infectious diseases department at KIMSHEALTH is one of the few dedicated infectious disease departments in the entire country. The department has highly qualified consultant physicians with training in infectious diseases and a dedicated infection control division. The department caters to a variety of illnesses, most notably hospital-acquired multidrug-resistant infections, transplant-related infections in cancer patients. It is one of the few private centres in Kerala which provides comprehensive care for HIV patients. The hospital infection control team makes sure that the hospital-acquired infection rate at KIMSHEALTH is the least and confirming to international standards.

Our Doctors

Dr. Rajalakshmi  A
Dr. Rajalakshmi A


Infectious Disease

KIMS Health Trivandrum

Procedures & Treatments


Outpatient services:

  • General Infectious Diseases

  • Tuberculosis

  • HIV Medicine

  • Travel Medicine

  • Adult and adolescent vaccination

  • Sexually transmitted infections

In-patient services:

  • Infectious diseases consultations for other departments

  • Transplant infections

  • Multi-drug resistant infections in ICUs

  • Hospital Infection Control

  • Antimicrobial stewardship



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