Medical Genetics

Medical Genetics

Medical Genetics is a recent addition to modern medicine and is a specialized field dedicated to the use of genetic information in diagnosing, understanding and managing certain disorders and conditions. Utilizing advanced genomic technologies, this department foresees genetic testing to identify variations and variants that can lead to certain disorders, and influence an individual's health, susceptibility to diseases, and response to certain medications.

Services offered:

Pediatric Rare DiseasesEvaluation and diagnosis of syndromes, metabolic disorders, skeletal dysplasia, primary immunodeficiency, genetic assessment for autism spectrum disorders, and neurodevelopment delay.
Reproductive GeneticsGenetic evaluation for consanguinity, infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, previous affected child, bad obstetric history, preimplantation diagnosis, and counseling.
OncogeneticsDiagnosis and screening for familial and hereditary cancers, along with genetic counseling.
Cancer Tissue GeneticsAnalysis of genetic factors in cancer tissues, aiding in understanding and personalized treatment approaches.
Adult Onset Genetic DiseasesAssessment of potential genetic disorders impacting musculoskeletal, cardiac, renal, neurological, hepatic, and other systems in adults.
Community GeneticsRisk assessment, pharmacogenetics, and precision medicine for the community.
Carrier ScreeningScreening for individuals carrying genetic variations that may cause inherited disorders.
NGS ReportsInterpretation, reanalysis, clinically actionable advice, and counseling based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) reports.


This department not only interact directly with the patients, but also collaborates often with other doctors, subspecialities, and researchers, ensuring that genetic information is interpreted accurately and ethically, and used effectively in clinical decision-making. The insights gained from genetic testing not only aid in understanding individual health risks but also have far-reaching implications for family planning, early intervention, and the development of targeted therapies. The Department of Genetic Testing at KIMSHEALTH stands at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, bridging the gap between genetic science and patient care.



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