The department of Urology specializes in conditions that occur in the urinary tract of both male and female. The extent of Urology at KIMSHEALTH also extends to issues pertaining to male reproductive organs. Our doctors are extremely efficient in handling complex cases, as KIMSHEALTH is known to be among the top hospitals in Kerala for providing quality care. 

Our Doctors

Dr. Rakhul  L R
Dr. Rakhul L R

Associate Consultant


KIMS Health Trivandrum

Dr. Renu  Thomas
Dr. Renu Thomas

Senior Consultant


KIMS Health Trivandrum

Dr. Sasidharan  k
Dr. Sasidharan k

Hon. Sr. Consultant


KIMS Health Trivandrum

Dr. Sudin  S R
Dr. Sudin S R



KIMS Health Trivandrum

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Procedures & Treatments


  • Advanced Endourologic procedures – PCNL, RIRS with Laser lithotripsy (for stones), TURP(for prostate enlargement), TURBT (for bladder tumour)

  • Laparoscopic procedures – Nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy (for tumours of kidney), Pyeloplasty (for PUJ obstruction), Adrenalectomy (for tumours of adrenal gland) etc and all common laparoscopic procedures

  • Urethral stricture – Advanced treatment options like urethroplasty

  • Renal transplantation – Adult and paediatric, ABO incompatible (between mismatched blood group pairs)

  • Dialysis access – AV fistula, Permcath insertion, CAPD catheter insertion

  • Supported by well-equipped surgical intensive care unit (SICU), Multidisciplinary IVU) MDICU

  • Treatment for malignancies for kidney, urinary bladder, prostate, testis and all areas of genitourinary tract

  • Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Benign enlargement of the prostate and TURP – Common endourologic options as well as Prostatic artery embolization for complex situations

  • Management of congenital problems like PUJ obstruction obstructed megaureter and posterior urethral valves etc

  • Stone disease – Comprehensive management of stone disease – Evaluation for metabolic abnormalities, advanced treatment options for stones like Laser lithotripsy, Flexible URS, ESWL

  • Office urology procedures – Cystoscopy, DJ stent removal etc. No hospitalization is required for minor procedures

  • Treatment of male infertility – Advanced treatment options are available

  • Appointment system to streamline consultations and avoid delays


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