Psychiatry &  Behavioral Medicine

Psychiatry &  Behavioral Medicine

With life in the fast track lane and little time for meaningful relationships, conditions related to mental health, addictions and psychosomatic disorders are on the rise. And it’s not just the adults who are affected, but the little ones too. Contrary to popular opinion and taboos, there is nothing wrong in seeking timely help from psychiatrist as they can save you and your family a lot of grief in the future. With a team of dedicated doctors trained to dispense treatment along with courtesy, compassion and competence, you can be sure you or your loved one is in the right place with the KIMSHEALTH team of psychiatrists.

Our Doctors

Dr. Migita Michael Dcruz
Dr. Migita Michael Dcruz

Associate Consultant

Psychiatry &  Behavioral Medicine

KIMSHEALTH Medical Centre, Kuravankonam

Procedures & Treatments


1. Psychiatry treatment offered for:

  • General adult psychiatry

  • Addiction psychiatry

  • Old-age psychiatry

  • Organic psychiatry

2. Behaviour Medicine treatment offered for

  • Psychosomatic disorders

  • Women’s mental health

  • Stress disorders

  • Anxiety & depressive disorders

  • Relationship disorders

  • Substance abuse psychiatry


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