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Travel Clinic

“How do I remain healthy while travelling?” is a common query that we receive at the Infectious Diseases Department of KIMSHEALTH. While travelling to new and distant places is almost always a pleasant experience, one should be aware of the dangers associated with travel.

The Travel Clinic at KIMSHEALTH answers all your questions and apprehensions regarding health issues related to travel. Your questions will be answered by our consultants in Infectious Diseases, who are experienced in Travel Medicine.

Who is the Travel Clinic for?

Travel Clinic extends its service for anyone who is planning a trip abroad, who needs guidance on what precautions they should be taking while or before travelling. Travel Clinic also advises what vaccines are to be taken before travelling to different countries or on return to India.

Services offered:

Online travel advice: Send us your queries regarding travel-related health issues. This can be about precautions needed to be taken to prevent infections, high altitude diseases, medicines required to be carried, vaccinations to be taken prior to travel, food and water hygiene, COVID-19 related travel issues or any other health issue related to travel.

Telemedicine/Outpatient consultation: If required, you can avail our telemedicine services or outpatient travel clinic where you can consult our Infectious Diseases Consultant. Medicines or vaccines if required can be prescribed through telemedicine or outpatient consultation.

Dr. Surej Kumar L K
Dr. Surej Kumar L K

Senior Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dental, Clinical, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Dr Raveendranathan  Indusekhar
Dr Raveendranathan Indusekhar




Dr. Rajalakshmi  A
Dr. Rajalakshmi A

Senior Consultant

Infectious Disease


Dr. Muhammed  Niyas
Dr. Muhammed Niyas

Associate Consultant

Infectious Disease


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Note: Online queries will be answered from Monday to Saturday, 9 AM till 4 PM
Submit your queries at least 2-4 weeks prior to travel so as to plan preventive measures
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