Developmental Pediatrics

Developmental Pediatrics

IS YOUR CHILD DEVELOPING TYPICALLY Has your child achieved these major milestones?

  • Smiling at you at 2 months
  • Hold the head steady at 4 months
  • Sitting without support at 8 months
  • Standing without support at 12 months

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Dr. Babu  George
Dr. Babu George

Senior Consultant

Developmental Pediatrics


Dr. Deepa  Binod
Dr. Deepa Binod


Developmental Pediatrics


  • The KIMSHEALTH developmental paediatrics unit is a comprehensive unit that caters to families of children with developmental concerns.

  • This unit is led by the developmental paediatrician and is ably supported by a multidisciplinary team of allied professionals including speech therapists,  occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists.

  • The mission of our unit is to help each child reach their best developmental potential by providing evidence-based, structured and comprehensive evaluation and training to children who have developmental disorders.

  • We practice a family centred approach, with importance given to parent counselling and parent training and involving parents in setting goals for their child’s individualized education plan so as to empower them to guide their children later.

  • KIMS development paediatrics unit has the unique availability of expert and eminent specialist doctors like pediatric neurologists, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric endocrinologists, pediatric orthopaedics, physiatrist, ENT doctor, ophthalmologist and others who are available for cross consultation to ensure comprehensive evaluation and management of medical comorbidities that may be seen in children with developmental delays. 

  • We cater to children with developmental concerns of varying severity from mild developmental delays to major developmental disorders like autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, communication disorders, genetic disorders etc.


Why is it essential to see a specialist if you have concerns about your child’s development.?


  • 90percent of brain growth occurs in the first 5 years of life when millions of connections are being formed between the brain cells. Providing adequate stimulation and training in this critical period can help to mould the brain’s connections and help to improve the developmental outcome – the concept we call neuroplasticity.

  • A large number of researches worldwide have shown better outcomes for children with developmental disorders who have started intervention early

  • Hence please don’t wait and watch if you are concerned about your child’s development as you may be losing critical time of stimulation.


When should I see a developmental paediatrician?


  • Do you think your child is late in  motor milestones like head holding, sitting or standing

  • Do you have concerns about the child’ speech?

  • Are there any academic or behavioural concerns at school?

  •  Does your child have a neurological condition like cerebral palsy, seizures, etc

  •  Does your child have any genetic conditions associated with developmental delay?

  • Does your child have any other risk factors for developmental delay like prematurity, prolonged NICU stays, or any other issues in the newborn period.

  •  Is your child taking therapy for any developmental problem?

  •  Are you worried about your child’s behaviour?

  •  Does your child have these symptoms -Poor eye contact, Not responding to name calls, Not using gestures like pointing; waving; clapping, Not interested in other children, Any repetitive behaviours like hand flapping.

  •  Is your child hyperactive and having frequent tantrums or aggressive behaviour?


They can be signs of certain neurodevelopmental disorders whose outcomes can be improved with early intervention. So do not wait if you are concerned.





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