Emergency Care At Your Fingertips

KIMSHEALTH has launched TeleTriage, to support patients during an emergency through real-time and round-the-clock expert medical advice streamed on video calls.

The TeleTriage system will be helpful to the elderly, pregnant women and children, a spokesman for the hospital said. KIMSHEALTH has launched the initiative as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and can be accessed over the helpline number9567035522.

TeleTriage is a life-saving service delivering quick advice and treatment in an emergency. The service has been initially launched in Thiruvananthapuram, and plans are afoot to expand it to other units in the State.

The advantage is that the system makes the most of technology to ensure timely treatment. This is particularly helpful for those living alone.

Ambulance service optional

TeleTriage will ensure that expert advice is given over video calls, an ambulance team will arrive at the patient’s place and if required will move them to hospital as soon as possible .The helpline phone number connects to the emergency department, which is in turn linked to other key departments.

Video Call In Case Of

Call To: 9567035522

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