Psychology & Corporate Wellness

Psychology & Corporate Wellness

Heart to Heart for Wellness

Our Department of Psychology and Corporate Wellness emphasizes on the individual's Subjective Experience and Personal Growth. We believe that individuals have an Inherent Drive towards Growth and possess the capacity to make choices and take responsibility for their lives.

Wellness is a multidimensional concept that refers to a state of being healthy in all aspects of life including Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Well-being.

We help Individuals and Corporates to perform Optimally and Efficiently to attain a Joyful Existence.   

Our Doctors

Dr. Aravind  Thampi
Dr. Aravind Thampi

Coordinator & Sr. Consultant Psychologist (India …

Psychology & Corporate Wellness


Services Provided

Offline & Online Consultations
Onsite Consultations for Corporates
Developing EAP ( Employee Assistance Program)
Non-Financial Incentives for Corporate Wellness
Train the Trainer program for Corporate Wellness 
Wellness Assessments
Crisis Management Strategies for Wellness


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