Besides all routine biochemistry parameters, unique features are availability of rare tests like

  • Osmolality measurement
  • Sweat chloride analysis by pilocarpineionot ophoresis for cystic fibrosis screening
  • Lead reference laboratory for Lead quantitation.
  • Drug assays of Tacrolimus, Digoxin, Vancomycin, Phenytoin, Valproic acid
  • First trimester screening (FTS)


Cobas 8000 –Fully software controlled Modular analyzer

Fully automated chemistry analyzer Cobas C 501

Fully automated immunoassay analyzer E 411

Biomerieuxvidas -immunology analyzer

D-100 & D10Biorad for quantitative estimation of HbA1c,

WaproOsmomat for osmolality measurement.

Leadcare II for quantitative detectionof Lead poisoning

Nanoduct for neonatal sweat chloride analysis.

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