how to heal bones faster naturally

Those who have experienced a major bone fracture are likely to recall the pain associated with the injury in the first place. And then the focus gradually shifts to the prospect of time for the treatment process. 

As per reports, approximately 6.8 million cases of broken bones are given medical attention every year in the US. Healing of a broken bone usually can take 4-12 weeks of time depending upon the severity of the fracture and other factors including diet, age, treatment given, and so on.

If you are going through this process due to a bone fracture lately, you would always want to get rid of this miserable situation at the earliest. But the next question is HOW? How can you heal your bone fracture faster? Read till the last full stop to find the answer to this question with these 11 tips.

1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Healing of your fractured bone requires ample nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, eating a balanced diet that incorporates healthy food groups with increasing calorie numbers is the need of the hour to support body function and faster recovery. 

You can include green vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, quality protein such as eggs, meat, and dairy products, etc. to repair your bones faster. 

2. Taking Dietary Supplements

Consider taking supplements especially calcium that can help in repairing your damage and they also help in building them stronger. You can choose dietary supplements including minerals as calcium, magnesium, manganese, Boron, Copper, Silicon, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, and so on. 

Taking vitamin supplements containing Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K might help for faster bone repair. 

3. Exercise 

Healing your bone fracture requires good flow and circulation of nutrients. Exercises can enhance this process if you do the required exercises with care. You must focus on your joints loading along with different motion exercises so that blood flows to that area which is fractured carrying essential nutrients. 

You can go walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling, and so on, but consult your doctor before taking a step further.

4. Natural Essential Oils 

Even though you are taking some medications that your doctor prescribed, you can try some natural oil for bone healing. Some of the oils that work in bone healing are Cypress oil, helichrysum oil, and fir-needle oil to accelerate the repair and healing of damaged nerves and tissues. 

You can mix these oils and apply them to the affected areas 5-6 times to see better and faster results.

5. Say No to Certain Drugs

Maybe you use certain drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin for reducing inflammation, but these drugs slow down the healing of the bone fracture, as per reports

You can replace these drugs by Vitamin C, flavonols, bioflavonoids, and omega-3-fatty acids that do not affect the process of bone healing.

6. Stay away from Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking, in general, are harmful to your body and while you are in the quest to heal your bone faster, they contribute to delaying the process. Such toxic substances alter the blood flow in your bone, thereby, preventing your bones from getting essential nutrients for healing. 

Thus, avoid alcohol and smoking to expect faster results.

7. Consult Your Doctor and Adhere to the Treatment Plan

Always consult your doctor first before you take any step during your healing process. When your doctor recommends a treatment, adhere to it, for instance, surgery, cast, and so on. Altering your treatment before the schedule might delay your fracture recovery. 

For instance, foot fractures such as “Jones” includes controversial treatments. Studiesreflect these types of fractures heal usually with immobilization in crunches and casts. 

8. Try Acupuncture

You can try acupuncture for bone healing that triggers your pressure points and might help in damages. 

9. Limit Salt and Avoid Sweetened Beverages, caffeine, and Cola

Sodium, sweetened beverages, and cola can remove calcium from the bones that can limit your bone healing. 

Similarly, caffeine contains certain compounds that mix with calcium and can prevent its absorption, thereby, slowing down the healing process. Hence, limit the use of these food substances. 

10. Healing Augmentation

Although external devices such as ultrasonic treatments, electrical stimulation, and magnets are not provento accelerate fracture healing, they might assist in the process. 

You can try these after consulting with your doctor during difficult situations or if you want a really fast recovery.

11. Do not test the broken Bone

It is tempting to see how your broken bone is healing, isn’t it? But when you test your foot early that what is recommended, it is indeed a bad move that might slow down the healing process. Therefore, if you want faster bone healing, refrain from testing your broken bones. 

Now that you know these 11 tips that can help you heal your bone fracture faster, you can implement them during your bone healing process. Thus, maintain a balanced diet, take supplements, try on some exercises, acupuncture, and essential oil, whatever works for you. Furthermore, avoid certain drugs, smoking, alcohol; limit salt and sweetened beverages to see better results. So, consider these tips to witness a positive change in your bone healing process!


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