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Most of the parents, some time or the other, may have faced the trouble of making their toddlers sleep at night. There are some kids who have irregular sleep time disorders in their genes while some others may face such problems due to improper parenting. The result is ultimately sleepless nights also for the parents.

Whatever is the problem, the sleep cycle of the toddler can be always adjusted with proper measures taken. This can be done by adjusting the body clock. 

Every individual has a set body clock. You must have noticed how you are not able to sleep at night if you have forced yourself to stay awake for a couple of nights to do a job or so. Elders can still manage to cope up with the problem fast in comparison to the babies. Slowly, the body clock has to be changed in order to make your kids sleep peacefully at night. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

Here are some of the secrets that can be followed to adjust your infant’s sleep cycle. 

1. The use of morning light

The bright natural light in the morning is the best way to wake up your baby early so that sleeping at night can get easier. You can make a routine of taking your baby out every day in the morning for some time in the daylight. This not only develops a routine in the baby to wake up early in the morning but also offers an energetic day throughout. After the energetic day, the kid will feel tired and sleepy by the early hours of the night and can sleep throughout the night without much disturbing your sleep. 

2. Keep the electronics away

The use of electronic products has made lives much easier and happier. But it has its own disadvantages such as adverse impacts on your baby. The blue lights from the electronic items such as television, phones, and so on disrupt with the sleep of the baby. Not just the baby, these lights and also the radiation from the products even disturbs the peaceful sleep of an adult. Hence, it is always a great idea to make a habit of keeping the maximum of such electronic products out of the bedroom. Even if there is a television set in the room, you should make sure to switch it off at least one and a half hours before you wish your kid to go to bed.

3. Going Slow

Everything cannot change in one day. Also, if your baby generally goes to sleep at 10 o clock, you cannot force him or her to sleep at 8 pm all of a sudden. These things happen gradually and with baby steps. There is a zone called the forbidden zone in the body clock concept for babies. You may try out everything but the baby is not going to sleep in this forbidden zone. You need to slowly try to mold this zone into a natural one. If you know that your baby sleeps by 9 pm, in place of forcing him or her to sleep since 7 pm, try a 15 minutes gap, that means 8:45 pm. When you see after a couple of days that the kid is sleeping at 8:45 pm, now you can try for 8:30 pm and so on. 

4. Maintaining a schedule

Having a proper schedule is very important so that you do not disturb the body clock of the child. There are many parents who struggle the whole week to make the kid sleep early at night and wake them up early in the morning. But on the other hand, these parents leave them to sleep for late hours on weekends. This severely hampers the body clock of the kid. The moment they try to get adjusted with the time, the weekend leverage breaks down the practice again. 

In order to bring your kids into a proper routine, it is also important for you to get a proper schedule for yourself. Kids need to sleep for extra hours, at least 4-5 hours more than the elders. You should make a routine of going to bed at least 2-3 hours after your kids sleep so that you can wake up early in the morning and can wake your baby up also an hour later. This surely helps in maintaining a proper schedule so that your toddler can sleep well at night and can let you even sleep well. 

Parenting can be really tough if you are not going in the right way. In order to make your kids sleep right and be in a proper routine, you also need to make changes in your lifestyle. Moreover, it can be said that you need to set up your schedule also in order to get one such schedule for your kid. Sleep is a common problem in kids. Helping them adjust with the body clock through different ways can definitely help you combat this problem. 


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