Contact Lens Tips

Using contact lenses comes with their own benefits and risks. Contact lenses have become fairly popular given their aesthetic appeal and the fact that they take away the hassle of handling glasses. One must be very well aware of how to use and clean contact lenses before they start using them regularly. Christine W. Sindt, an Optometrist at the University of Iowa states the first golden rule for handling contact lenses is to wash your hands thoroughly before putting them on and right before taking them off. 
You must never touch your lenses with dirty hands as they might deposit microbes on them. It is always wise to keep checking with an eye doctor on a bi-annual basis. This article is a basic guide on how to take care of your lenses and use them properly.

1. Storage Mistakes: 

Never use tap water or homemade saline solutions to soak up your lenses. There are special lens storage solutions available in the market and you must only use those to store your lenses. Carry your storage box with you. Always use fresh solution to clean your lenses. Do not mix up your lenses, not all lenses can be stored together and in the same kinds of solutions. Contact lenses are sensitive to heat and sunlight, they must always be stored in a cool dry place and the storage box must be kept covered at all times. Storage cases must be replaced every three months. All storage solutions must be discarded one month after opening.

2. Usage Mistakes: 

It is a grave mistake to share contact lenses with others, you might catch any eye infections they are carrying. Sleeping whilst wearing your lenses is a grave mistake that must be avoided at all costs, it might lead to soreness, infection, and irritation. Always make sure to wear goggles when going swimming otherwise the lenses might come off.
Remember the importance of blinking whilst wearing your lenses, blinking frequently keeps the lenses moist. While using the lenses if they ever feel a little dry you must soak them in the solution and then re-apply. It is better to complete applying make-up and hair sprays before wearing contact lenses to avoid adverse reactions.

3. Allergy and Infection: 

Do not continue to wear contact lenses if they feel itchy and cause redness in your eyes, it might be an allergic reaction you should visit your optometrist and get the lenses changed. An infection might occur due to improper cleaning or environmental factors. Eye infections caused by contact lenses are characterized by blurry vision, tearing up,  increased light sensitivity or a poking sensation in your eye. If you experience these you must call your eye doctor immediately, do not try to rub your eyes but remove the lenses gently and wear your glasses.

4. Cleaning Mistakes: 

Cleaning your lenses with soap water is a big no-no! The lenses and their storage boxes must be exclusively cleaned with lens disinfecting solution prescribed by your doctor. So not use single-purpose soaking solutions or rewetting drops to clean the lenses, they don’t work. Wash your hands before cleaning your lenses and rub the lenses very gently to get rid of any deposits. Cleaning your lens storage box is just as important, make sure to let it breathe and dry it properly before adding a new solution to it. This will minimize the chances of any fungal growth in the box.


These basic rules must be followed religiously without fail, by sticking to these rules you will make the best of your lenses. Remember to replace your lenses with new ones as and when directed by your doctor. Always keep your spectacles updated with your latest power so that you can rely on them during emergencies. It is wise to only use lens and lens care products prescribed by your doctor and to hold regular check-ups. It might be a little tricky to get a hold of so many rules but as you keep using your contact lenses you will become an expert at taking care of them.  


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