Common Children Disease

The immunity system in children is not as strong as adults and hence they are vulnerable to a huge number of illnesses and health issues. It is important to take proper care of the kids in terms of proper diet and hygiene in order to keep them away from some serious issues. 

Here is a list of some common hand, foot, and mouth diseases that are quite common in children. 

1. Impetigo

Among different infections that can happen to a child, Impetigo is one of the most contagious problems. Children have sensitive skin and it is prone to infection quickly. Impetigo is one such skin infection that happens commonly on the face of the kid, around the mouth or nose. These are red sores that may burst later on to get developed into crusts of honey color.
This infection can also appear sometimes on the feet or hands of a kid. It is important to keep the kid at home because this is contagious and can spread out to others also. It is always necessary to meet a doctor when you see the symptoms of impetigo in place of trying other remedies.

2. Hand, foot, and mouth disease

This is a viral infection that happens due to coxsackievirus. The contagious infection affects the mouth of the kid with sores, while it appears as rashes on the foot and hand of the child. Some of the symptoms of this infection are sore throat, fever, blisters on tongue and cheeks, itchy rashes on hand and foot, and loss of appetite. 

Usually, the hand, foot, and mouth disease is a mild illness that may last for a few days to a week. But it is better to meet a doctor in order to offer proper comfort to the child. 

3. Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is again a viral infection that appears in the kids of 5 years to 15 years old. The infection is caused due to parvovirus B19 and the kids can get recovered from it without any complications. The rashes start from the cheeks and soon spread out to the trunk, hands, and then the feet. 

The infection is accompanied by a number of symptoms such as mild cold, fever, and runny nose. There can also be some other symptoms such as red eyes, swollen glands, diarrhea, and joint pain. The infection is contagious and hence it is important to keep the kids under care. It is a mild disease and should go away in a week’s time or so.

4. Warts

A wart is a solid blister-like appearance that can happen anywhere in the body, especially on the hands and feet. This is caused by the virus papillomavirus. The infection mainly happens to kids who have a much weaker immune system. This can happen also in adults and may take up months to years in getting cured on its own. Normally, warts in kids can get cured much faster. If somehow, it does not get cured, it is always a great idea to meet up with the doctor. 

There are some ways how warts can be treated these are through the use of salicylic acid, cryotherapy, surgery, cantharidin, candida antigen shots, and others. But you should meet up with a skin specialist in order to get the right remedy. The specialist will diagnose warts and will be able to recommend the right treatment so that it does not worsen the situation. 

5. Gait Problem

The gait problem is related to walking and balance. It can happen due to the functioning of different body parts such as eyes, muscles, ears, brain, and sensory nerves. This can lead to loss of balance, a problem in walking, and often falling down that can cause injuries. 
Some of the common symptoms of the gait problem are walking difficulty, unsteadiness, balance problem, vertigo, dizziness, double vision, motion sickness, and lightheadedness. 

The problem may happen due to a number of reasons such as trauma, pain, inflammation, or any kind of injury. Other causes can be multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease, myopathy, and others.
The treatment depends on the diagnoses and the causes. Hence, visiting the doctor immediately after the onset of symptoms can help in getting a solution at the earliest. 

6. Flat Feet

Flat feet is not an infection, it is mainly a deformation of the feet. It occurs commonly during childhood due to underdevelopment of the feet’s arches. This can happen due to a number of reasons such as injury.

Normally, this does not cause any kind of symptoms or discomfort initially. But later on, it may cause difficulties such as foot pain. Wearing shoes with arch supports or practicing stretching are some of the helping remedies for the condition. Also, meeting a doctor can help you with getting some more solutions. 

Kids have a weak immune system and this leads to a number of infections and tears in the body. It is important to take special care of them till the time they do not reach out to puberty. In any case, symptoms should not be ignored. Medical help should be taken in order to keep your kids safe from serious situations.



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