fast twitch muscle workouts

Did you know that your skeletal muscles are broken down into two main types known as slow twitch muscle fibers and fast twitch muscle fibers? While the slow-twitch muscle fibers generate less power and strength than the fast twitch muscle fibers, both can be trained to beef up your physique. So, how do you work those fast twitch muscle fibers? Here are some tips.

Strength training

Research says that it is easier to train fast twitch fibers than slow twitch fibers. The trick is to go in for fast movements like box jumps, jump squats and kettlebell swings so that the muscles explode. Be it lifting weights, skipping, jumping or throwing, train heavy and fast.

Sweat it out!

Your fast twitch muscle fiber needs an intense workout. Go in for cluster set training, do more reps and reduce your rest periods. Be intense and train hard. Add contrast load training, training with plyometrics and other eccentric training methods to your workout. Eccentric training, also known as negative training pushes your muscles past their normal threshold making it more demanding than a regular workout. Plyometric exercises are powerful aerobic exercises used to increase your speed, endurance, and strength.

Mental training

It is important to tell your body that you are getting ready to psyche up. This mental training will tell the body to fire up the fast twitch fibers.

In short, you need to go in for a workout that will explode your muscles. You have to activate your psyche, yell or play loud music so that the messages are transmitted to the fast twitch muscles.

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