key hole surgery

No lasting scars and minimally invasive, the keyhole surgery is a procedure that is recommended by many surgeons these days.

The name laparoscopy is derived from the slender device used to conduct the procedure. The laparoscope is equipped, normally, with a tiny video camera and a light. At times, it is also equipped with devices that can perform small operations. The surgeon makes a series of small incisions in the affected area and can monitor/ decide the further steps be taken.

This minimally intrusive technique is now being used to diagnose a wide range of conditions pertaining to the abdomen and pelvic areas, and almost any other part of the human body. Be it the eyes, heart or the brain, keyhole surgery is now the preferred method because it is minimally intrusive. In addition to the diagnosis, the surgeons can also remove an organ or extract a tissue sample for biopsy. Normally, the laparoscopic surgery is carried out under a general anesthetic making it a comparatively painless procedure.

Why keyhole surgery

Keyhole surgery, as the name suggests has several advantages when compared with traditional surgery. It involves minimal scarring and since the area is limited, the recuperation time is lesser. There is lesser internal scarring, and you can get back to your normal activities sooner.

Ask your doctor for support

You can contact our hospital for details on the different departments that use this minimally invasive technology for treatment.

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