Covid-19 lockdown

The world is gradually preparing to hit the ‘reset’ button and get back to leading our very own busy lives after the lockdown to #StopTheSpread of the Coronavirus. However, it will not be – at least for the next couple of months-life as we have known it before the lockdown. A ‘namaste’ would replace the firm handshakes, there won’t be crowded meeting rooms, and it will normal for you to be paranoid about maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Masks and sanitizers will become our best friends. And that is not the only change that you will see. However, we give you a list of 5 habits that you can continue even after the cure for Coronavirus has been found.

Wash your hands

 COVID 19 taught us that your safety is entirely in your hands. Your hands come in contact with many surfaces that may be the breeding centers of various germs that cause diseases to spread. Washing hands can keep you healthy and prevent the spread of respiratory infections. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds frequently is a mantra that you hear so often these days. It is one of those habits that you should continue even after we find a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Slow down your pace

The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to slow down and we did it grudgingly. However, it has also given us a time to introspect and connect with people that matter the most to us. We rediscovered the pleasure of taking some time off for ourselves and taking care of ourselves. This has resulted in more relaxed states of mind and mental peace to many people. 

Take care of the elderly

The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to be on the back foot and spend more time with the family. Taking care of the elderly and small children became a priority because the virus was said to affect them the most. Continue being the pillars of strength to those who cared for you when you were young.

Stick to a healthy regimen

Boosting immunity is the need of the hour. A regular healthy diet followed by a good exercise regimen is something that has to be followed strictly. This will also help you to be fit mentally too. And help you save a trip to the doctor.

Appreciate health care professionals

When the calamity struck, it took the health care workers to put in extra efforts to ensure everyone was safe. As we continue to come to terms about living with COVID 19, let’s take a moment to pay our respects to the thousands of health care professionals across the globe who are working tirelessly to keep the mortality rate to the minimum.

At KIMS, we believe in untiring work to keep you safe. Contact us if you need any support.

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