How to Maintain Positivity

The COVID Pandemic has disrupted our normal day to day lives. The way people used to work and enjoy life have all of a sudden changed. The social gatherings and socializing have come to a halt. All that has become necessary is social distancing and other preventive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. 
Isolation from being trapped in the house and lack of socialization has undoubtedly brought a lot of mental stress to many people. Hence, it is important to stay positive until the pandemic ends. 
Forbes has talked about this issue in-depth and has also suggested several ways how people can stay positive even during the COVID pandemic. 

1. Limit Media Intake

The very first thing to do is limit the intake of media throughout the day. Many of us have gotten into the habit of spending a lot of time in front of our screens. The news channels abuzz with regular updates that aren’t on the positive end of the spectrum. All of this exposure can impact your minds and can lead to depression. The best thing is to reduce your news intake. Limit your exposure to the constant updates on media channels and only consult authentic sources for valid information when needed.


2. Get motivated from the past

You can look to the past to feel inspired and renew hope. Incidents such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and many others disrupted life but the humankind bounced back from the calamities. These people rebuilt lives and restored their lives again. This will help you stay motivated in times of need and remain positive that this too shall also pass.


3. Follow up on human interest stories

Though this is a difficult time, there are many people out there restoring faith in humanity everyday. Read about how frontline workers are dedicating their days and night fighting this pandemic. Get inspired by humanitarians who are the ray of light and bring joy and happiness to the lives of those in dire need of it. 


4. Do some virtual socializing

It is entirely understood that life has become quite hectic, limiting our social exposure. With extra time in hand, touch base with forgotten friends and families. Check in with friends and family virtually and spend time enjoying neglected hobbies and recreational activities for old times sake. Join online clubs to meet new people with shared interests to expand your horizons.


5. Explore your hobbies

It’s a good time to get back to old hobbies and rediscover your talents. These activities are often known to destress and occupy time that is idly spent. Get productive with your cooking skills or song/story writing. Remind yourself why you enjoyed a particular activity and use it as a therapy. 

6. Help and Support Someone

While you are staying at home, waiting for the situation to improve, there are several people out there who are living in extreme conditions. Many small business owners are not able to sustain themselves and are going out of business. The elderly are having a tough time coping with the pandemic. Volunteer your time to give back to the community and gain some perspective. Do your best to spread positive vibes and keep the hope alive. 

No doubt, the pandemic has affected many lives for the worse, but it is up to us to be the beacon of hope and remain positive through this. Researchers are working on a vaccine, but we need to abide by social distancing until it is all over. 

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