Heart Diet Chart

According to research done by the American Heart Association, heart attack or any cardiovascular disease is the number one reason for death in the US. Some common causes quoted out for it are obesity, a higher level of cholesterol, diabetes, and higher blood pressure. 

Not just in the US, the cases of cardiovascular diseases are increasing across the globe. The increased level of stress and unhealthy lifestyle regularly puts your heart and overall health at risk.

Some different medical experts and associations outline proper dietary recommendations that can help an individual maintain a healthy life. 

1. Portion Size

Several people can advise you on what to eat and what not to eat to maintain your cardiovascular health. But what they do not mention is that the portion size of the food also matters. It has been taught in schools that we should chew our food well and eat slowly. But with busy schedules, many neglect the fact and often opt for fast food. This, of course, means that more than the necessary amount of calories needed by your body. 

Hence, it is vital to consume low-calorie food items such as fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer amounts of high-calorie food items such as food items with high sodium and processed manufacturing. It is also a great idea to regulate portion control by making use of a smaller plate instead of a larger one to eat less. Another trick is to eat small portions at regular intervals in comparison to having a heavy meal. This is the reason; the dieticians offer you a chart of eating small portions every 2 hours. 

2. Food Items to Avoid

Many of us love to binge on processed food items or fast foods. But these food items often lead to huge cardiovascular damages leading up to heart attacks etc. 

It is often recommended to consume no more than 6% saturated fat. Additionally, people who are at higher risk of heart attacks should completely avoid trans fat substances. 

Some of the fat items to be limited are butter, non-dairy creamers, cocoa butter, coconut palm oil, and similar products. On the other side, you should replace the harmful trans fats with healthier ones such as olive oil, nuts oil, canola oil, avocados, and nuts. 

Similarly, there are several proteins that you should avoid or should consume in a limited amount such as full-fat milk, organ meat, sausages, bacon, fried or fatty meat. These things can be replaced by food products such as low-fat dairy, eggs, fish, legumes, soy products, lean meat, and others. 

High sodium is quite harmful to the cardiovascular system as well. To limit it replace items such as table salt, canned items, condiments, and others with herbs, salt-free seasonings, and others. 

3. Healthier Food Choices

While making healthier dietary choices, one is often faced with the question of what exactly to consume. One crucial food item that you should include in your diet is fresh seasonal fruits. Whether you are including fresh fruits in your salads or consuming them post meals, they are a great option to stay healthy. Also, include a lot of leafy vegetables in your meals to keep your heart and body fit. 

Whole grain meals are another option that should be considered for the maintenance of cardiovascular health. Some whole wheat food items that should surely be included in your diet are whole-wheat flour products such as bread and high-fiber cereals such as oats. Also, it is a great idea to consume whole grains such as barley and brown rice. 

4. Don’t Punish Yourself

Though it is important to maintain a healthy diet to keep your cardiovascular system fit, it does not mean you punish yourself. The best way to manage a diet is to preplan a week’s diet chart so you can include some taste and flavor along with health. Several healthy food alternatives can replace the unhealthy food that you crave. You can try a black bean burger or a grilled salmon, other alternatives to satiate your cravings.

Also, consider a cheat day once in a while. But of course, make sure to know the portion of food and calculate the number of calories to make sure you make up for it later.

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