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Bodybuilding is the practice of- the act of lifting weights, exercising and more for developing the body muscles. The supplement regime, diet, and workout routine would help you to be the best fitness model. If you want to become a hardcore and competitive bodybuilder, then you have to follow a strict diet along with an effective workout routine.  Fitness models undergo the exact same training as that of a regular bodybuilder. However, the only exception is that in terms of fitness models, cardio is added to the routine. Cardio helps in attaining a chiseled look which is essential for fitness models. It also helps in maintaining an average body fat percentage. Bodybuilders can choose to bulk their body for a long period and then change into the cut shape for competitions. However, fitness models cannot follow this routine as they have to appear on photoshoots regularly. This requires them to necessarily maintain their appearance throughout the year. 

In this article, we will talk both about exercises and the nutrition diet that you should follow. The workout routine that we will talk about is intense. It is highly suggested that you clear out your head to make yourself mentally prepared. Now let’s get to the fun part. 

1. Chest/Shoulders:

The most essential quality of the physique of every fitness model should be good shape and symmetry. For the upper chest, you can perform incline dumbbell bench-presses set at a sixty-degree angle. For lower/mid-chest development, flat dumbbell bench-presses and for outer-chest growth go for flat dumbbell fly. 

2. Traps/Backs:

For fitness models maintaining the perfect V-shape look is a priority. Include close-group lat pull-downs for hitting the outer lats, seated cable rows for hitting your back's middle part, and wide-grip lat pulldowns for hitting the inner lats. Perform dumbbell shrugs and upright rows for the traps and hyperextensions for your lower back. 

3. Legs:

Without leg development, the physique is incomplete. Standing calf raises for calves, lying and standing legs curls for hamstrings, hack squats for quadriceps, leg presses, and leg extensions. 

4. Triceps/Biceps:

These muscles are everyone’s favorite as they are the most noticeable. Workout for these muscle consists of various common exercises that include lying triceps extensions, dumbbell seated extensions, triceps pushdowns, reverse curls, preacher, and dumbbell standing. 

5. Abs:

Training abs with multiple exercises per workout can make your stomach look bigger which might be detrimental for the physique of a fitness model. For that reason, it is best to include two exercises only that would target both parts of your abs. For your upper abs, begin with crunches and to target your lower abs, go for hanging leg raises. 

6. Cardio:

For maintaining maximal conditioning, it is essential for fitness models to perform a minimum of sixty minutes of cardio two times a week in addition to superset workout. Including ellipticals and treadmills are the best forms of cardio. 

7. Sets/Reps and Rest:

Using light weights for your workout would ensure that you get the required workout session without going too hard on yourself. Hence, reps would range from fifteen to twenty for ensuring that you have fully exhausted your muscles. However, your abs would be the only exception, that is, reps for abs would range from twenty-five to thirty. The sets would be kept to three per exercise. You should take rest for thirty seconds after every exercise or superset.

Now let us summarize the exercises according to every day. 

a. Monday: chest and shoulders
b. Tuesday: cardio and abs
c. Wednesday: traps and back
d. Thursday: legs
e. Friday: abs and cardio
f. Saturday: triceps and biceps
g. Sunday: rest day (however you can even do a little bit of cardio to enhance your routine.)

What should the nutrition intake of a fitness model be like? 

When it comes to fitness models, it is essential for them to follow a strict nutrition or diet chart every day throughout the year. They can have their cheat meals but only once in a blue moon. In addition to a good diet, the model should also take necessary supplements such as fat burner, multimineral, multivitamins, and protein. Here are some guidelines that a fitness model should follow in order to maintain their nutrition intake. 

a. Eat every three to four hours.
b. Consume at least one to one and a half gallons of water every day.
c. Consume at least one to one and a half grams of protein for every pound of their body weight each day. Forty percent of the diet should contain carbs in it. 
d. The diet should also contain twenty-five percent fat in it. 
e. Ensure that the diet contains branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids would spare your muscles during the workout. This would prevent you from becoming catabolic. 

With the help of these workout and diet plans, anyone would be able to maintain their fitness physique effectively. 


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