Tuberculosis is a major public health problem accounting for substantial morbidity and mortality. Early diagnosis and completion of treatment for tuberculosis is the corner stone of tuberculosis prevention and control strategy. Further, inadequate dosing, irregular and incomplete anti tubercular therapy contribute to drug resistance, treatment failure and disease transmission. In this context Govt. has issued a circular, which imposes penal provisions for failure to report TB cases. All clinical establishments, chemists/pharmacists are required to report every case of TB or else face legal consequences. Those who fail to report TB cases can now be tried under sections 269 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code, according to the notification issued by the Health Ministry, on the 16th March 2018. This process is towards End TB in India by 2025.

Our hospital has been reporting to NIKSHAY- the online government portal for last few years, but there are concerns about missed cases. Henceforth all clinicians (who diagnose/ treat TB), microbiologists (when they report AFB or Genexpert) and pharmacist (when they dispatch ATT drugs) are asked to report to HIC – contact number-1317. HIC will be reporting to the government. Clinicians are also advised to follow weight based doses for treating TB as one size dose does not fit all patients for clinical success and to prevent drug resistance and treatment failure.

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