organic food vs gmo

There is no doubt that the quality of food we consume is crucial for our good health. And with more people becoming health conscious the debates around organic food and GMO food are hotting up.

So, what exactly is organic food and how does it differ from GMO foods? Technically, organic foods should be free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. They also should not contain neurotoxins, hormones and should not be bioengineered. Organic food also should be free of artificial food additives.

Effectively, organic foods are more nutritious, and better tasting. Since the process does not involve chemicals being used, it is free of harmful pesticides and hormones. So, how is that helpful for us? Organic practices help prevent premature aging, which is the bane of our present-day lifestyle. the flip side is that organic produces are priced higher. However, there is no harm to paying more to stay healthy, right?

GMO or genetically modified organisms have some molecules removed from the DNA to enhance its nutritive value. So, if you see bigger papayas or tomatoes at the local shop, you should realize that they fall under GMO foods. While these fruits provide more nutrition, they may also tend to get sweeter.

And over the years GMO foods have been in the center of a storm. Are they good or bad is an ongoing debate which still does not have an answer. In India, GMO foods are not so popular as Organic foods.

So, learn more about them before you pick GMO food off the rack!

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