Exercise to stay young

Many recent studies highlight the fact that there is a direct connection between exercises and healthy, young cell DNA. Here, DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid within the cells, the matter responsible for the reproduction, growth, development, and proper functioning of body cells. The DNA, however, is susceptible to damage, but in our body, we have protective proteins called telomeres, which protect the occurring of consistent DNA damage. With age, the amount of telomeres a normal human body produces declines, and this interrupts the repair process of the DNA, resulting in cell damage and aging.

Recently a study revealed that specific exercises can heighten the telomeres production, preventing the DNA damage, and helping in sustaining youth. The researchers stated that taking part in strength and endurance exercises can discharge certain energy molecules that augment the telomeres production in our skeletal muscle. The development and renewal process of telomeres, ensure the well-functioning of cells, which aids in making us look and feel young.

Physical activity, in general, promotes the healthy operation of organs, such as the heart, lungs, and muscles. Exercise also improves oxygen and nutrients circulation in the bloodstream and vital organs, giving us a vibrant skin and the look and feel of a young body.

Regardless of the number of birthdays you have celebrated, or the level of fitness you have, the risk-free exercises in the list below will help you stay young and in shape.  

1. Strength Exercise

You need to rethink if you are under the impression that strength exercises are a macho thing that serious athletes and bodybuilders do. Lightweight lifts will not make your muscles swell, rather, it will help in keeping them strong. Fitness experts say, if you do not use your muscles, they can, over time, lose strength. In addition, muscles help burn calories. Meaning, if you have more muscles, you will burn more calories.  

Start your strength exercise program with light weights, for instance, 1 or 2 pounds. If you can lift the weight 10 times, increase it by another 1 or 2 pounds. The plan is to be comfortable and to take a gradual approach before moving on to heavier weights. 

2. Step-Ups

Engage both your hands with little weights, such as a pair of lightweight dumbbells. However, if you do not have dumbbells, even two buckets full of water will also do. Adjust the weight, so that you are totally comfortable. Now, face a bench or a step, put one leg at a time on it, and push all the way until you are standing on the bench or steps. Slowly bend your knee and get your leg back on the floor. Remember to lift your chest while doing the step-ups.

3. Tai Chi

A form of martial art practiced in China, Tai Chi, combines movements that are great for the physique and the mind. Tai Chi, also referred to as "meditation in motion", includes smooth body movements that people of any age group can easily do. Focusing on balance, Tai Chi is ideal for individuals in their mid-life, because people often tend to lose their balance as they get older.

Nowadays, there are many clubs and fitness centers that offer Tai Chi classes. Enroll yourself in one that suits your capabilities.

4. Plank

Get yourself into a straight-arm plank on a step or a bench, with your biceps directly under your shoulders. From your head to the ankles, get your body in a straight line. Once you align your body, pull your belly button towards the spine while engaging your butt and legs. Aim to stay in this position for 30 sec to a minute.

5. Swimming

This perfect workout needs no explanation when it comes to the benefits it delivers. However, a lesser-known fact about swimming is that it not only provides a full-body workout, but it also helps heal joint pains, increasing mobility. Doctors agree that swimming is an excellent exercise for people suffering from arthritis. Studies have also shown that swimming can uplift mood and improve one’s mental state. When you have a fresh mind and a fluid body, you will automatically look young. 

6. Push-Ups

An essential component for fitness programs of all levels, push-ups can give you a fit, lean body in a surprisingly short period of time. Most people know what push-ups are, but here’s a bit of info to do this classic exercise correctly. While doing push-ups, remember to point your fingers inward. This will protect your shoulders when you lower your body. Also, to get the full benefit of this exercise, engage your legs at all times. 

7. Walking

From strengthening the bones to keeping blood pressure under control, improving cholesterol levels to helping people stay trim, this simple exercise packs a load of benefits for people of all ages. Not just that. According to several studies conducted over the years, walking can prevent one’s memory loss, and it can also improve memory-related functions. When you get so much out of this simple exercise, you can rest assured that it will help you stay young. 

To Conclude-

If you intend to stay young, exercise is the only answer. There is no medicine and no other substitute. Exercise slows down the aging process of cells, and as per medical research by Roy J. Shephard, it can make you look 20 years younger. 

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