Ms. Sheeja Kaithayil Bahuleyan

Ms. Sheeja Kaithayil Bahuleyan

Holistic Child Development Center
Designation :

Sensory Integration Therapist

Languages Known :

English, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi

Doctor's Profile

Doctor's Profile

  • Sensory Processing Mentorship
  • BPT( Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
  • DYT ( Diploma in Yoga Therapy)

21 years of experience

  • Sensory Processing Disorders 

  • Neurological Disorders 

  • Metabolic and Genetic Syndromes 

  • Global Developmental Disorder 

  • Management of Motor Developments 

  • Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Autism

  • Writing Skills 

  • Management of daily routine skills 

  • Group Therapy for interaction and patience 

  • Tele-therapy sessions and guidance 

  • Parental counseling and training for handling special needs children 



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