Early childhood intervention programmes are intended for children with developmental delays. A developmental delay means that the child is lagging behind in some area of development including physical, cognitive, communication, emotional, social and adaptive skills development. Our early intervention team consisting of a developmental paediatrician, child psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist work as a team to devise a therapeutic plan and execute it meticulously to help the child overcome the developmental delays.

Programmes and Therapies

  • An early intervention programme for children with developmental delays – This programme is intended for children between the age 1 to 4, who were late to achieve the millstones like, late to walk, talk or communicate. The training aims at bridging the developmental gap and prevents further delays. The therapies will also aim at accelerating the development of the child. The coordinated effort of intervention from the therapist and the parents will ensure optimal development.
  • Play therapy – for social, emotional, creative and sensory development.
  • Group intervention –Small group intervention to develop social skills, develop cooperative play and understand social behaviors.
  • Oral placement therapy -for children with articulation difficulties and feeding difficulties
  • School Readiness Programme. For children aged 4years to 6 years to develop basic literacy skills and to create the pre-learning skills for a school likeability to follow instructions, fine motor skills to hold on pencils, attention skills, and sitting tolerance.
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