Services offered:


This division provides

  • Diagnostic surgical pathology services including:
    • On small biopsies like Renal biopsies, Transplant related biopsies, Endoscopic biopsies from gastro intestinal tract, naso pharyngeal tract, bronchoscopic biopsies including US guided endobronchial biopsy [EBUS],

      image guided trucut

      biopsy from internal organs and deep-seated soft tissue.
  • Strong oncopathology:
    • Providing frozen section for intra operative diagnosis and for marginclearance.
    • Reporting protocol as stipulated in AJCC Cancer staging Manual, latest edition for grading and staging of surgical oncology specimens. (Eg: Mastectomy, Colectomy, Gastrectomy, Whipples, Lobectomy – lung, liver, thyroid, Nephrectomy, Panhysterectomy,Hemimandibulectomy, Bone resections etc).
    • Immunohistochemistry back up in Oncopathologyespecially to provide diagnosis in Lymphomas, in detecting unknown primaries and in sub typing of carcinomas and soft tissue tumours. The division has IHC antibodies of about 85 numbers.
  • Direct immune florescence, and routine H&E for Renal and Skin biopsies
  • Fetal Autopsies done by pathologists and reported.


ASP 300S Closed Tissue processor, Leica Embedding machine, Cryostat for performing frozen section, Automated IHC stainer (Leica Bondmax)

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