Hello, would-be parents!!

Discover the magic of parenthood through KIMSHEALTH GOLDEN BABY INITIATIVE. Explore the mind of your unborn baby and know the secrets for moulding it. A scientifically guided program that starts from the magical moment of realizing that "I am Pregnant". It is an easy to learn program that focuses on enhancing the mental, emotional quotient and resilience of our babies in-utero.

  • Do you want to know about the science behind the development of the brain and mind of your baby in-utero?
  • Do you want to understand the secret of influencing the cognitive, emotional and psychological development of your unborn baby?
  • Do you want to experience your pregnancy holistically as well as enjoy your journey of creation?

Over the years, doctors from various medical disciplines across the world have realized that the psychological and intellectual development of babies while in the womb is influenced by a lot of things with or without the knowledge of parents. These effects play a very important role in making the foundation for the baby's entire life.

Hence to guide the future of unborn babies through their parents, we at KIMSHEALTH have designed a well-structured program - Golden Baby Initiative. It is based on the knowledge from ancient Indian wisdom through various scriptures blended with modern science. It is meant for all the expecting parents (mother and father) who want to do something better and different for their unborn baby thus blueprinting their life forever.


Antenatal couples interested in doing something different for their baby.

For more details/registration contact 8089024039 or email - goldenbaby@kimshealth.org

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