Poor scholastic achievement of children is a major concern for parents, teachers and the children, themselves in this present day of the competitive world. An unrecognized and unresolved educational backwardness can cause a lifelong impact on the child and the family. KIMS Learning Enhancement Centre helps in understanding the cause of the learning difficulties and gives systematic training to overcome them and become successful learners. We believe that every child has the ability to learn and succeed given the correct training and environment. We train children to develop thinking skills and language skills to become competent and confident learners.


Who will benefit ?

  • Children with Specific Learning Disabilities – Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia
  • Children with learning difficulties due to varied causes like langue delays, inadequate training and inattention
  • Slow learners who may need differential instruction to acquire academic skills


Our Techniques

  • Orton – Gillingham multi-sensory teaching strategies
  • Kansas University Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)
  • NILD Education Therapy (National Institute for Learning Development)
  • Rx Discovery Math programme –
  • Rx for Discovery Reading
  • Instrumental Enrichment Programme (FIE)
  • Educational Kinesiology – Brain gym


Programmes and Therapies

Remedial Educational Training Programme – A program for children with learning disorder and learning difficulties using internationally acclaimed techniques. It is a tailor-made program for the needs of each child. It is a one to one session for one and half hours, minimum weekly twice aimed at building up basic academic skills like reading, spelling, writing, reading comprehension, language, and math’s using multi-sensory techniques. We aim at making children independent learners who can learn effectively. Along with the child training, we also equip parents to teach them by educating them in the basic methods of teaching.

Online Remedial Educational Training program – As Remedial education is specialized training available in limited centers in major cities, we provide online training for children who are residing aboard or in other districts suburbs for whom it is not feasible to come for direct sessions to the hospital.

Education therapy – In this one on one therapy, an educational therapist will work with the child to overcome the learning challenges by strengthening the core skills like perception, cognition, emotional regulation and academics. This in turn will help the child to improve their ability to think, reason, and process information effectively. The goal of educational therapy is to help children develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life.

Study skills correction programme – Knowledge of effective study skills makes meaningful and effective learners. We equip the children to understand the concepts, organize them meaningfully, retrieve information using efficient memory techniques, and present it effectively using specialized techniques and strategies.

Academic support and training for school dropouts – We provide guidance and training for children who had discontinued formal schooling, to appear for the secondary and senior secondary examinations conducted by the NIOS – National Institute of Open Schooling.

Attention Training Progamme and Behavior Management Programe – Difficulties in sustaining attention, Hyperactivity, Poor Impulse control and poor anger management may have many detrimental effects on the child’s academic and social life. This program is aimed at training children to improve concentration, academic skills and behaviour and to become better functioning individuals.

Life skill training for slow learners /Intellectual disability – We provides tailor-made training for the young adult who is not equipped to live independently, with basic literacy training, interpersonal communication skills, daily living activities, and time and money management skills.

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