The first of its kind in South India. We are associated with the world's largest NGO, the BMVSS Jaipur Foot Centre. The Centre is a part of our charity venture where limbs are provided completely free of cost.

We have a well-qualified team of Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineers and technicians in our team to ensure the quality of our products. Limbs are prescribed and checked by Rehabilitation Physicians. We also provide free training after fitment and keep patients under follow up for 1 year.

For inpatients, we initiate early amputee rehabilitation and training. We can organize high-end prosthesis including myoelectric limbs and bionic hand and knee for you if you are an active individual who can afford it ( This is not covered under charity services)

We also have high quality 'Motivation UK' wheelchairs and provide training at our limb centre. Appropriate and custom-made wheelchairs are essential for the best outcome of rehabilitation. These wheelchairs are also being provided at a 50% reduced rate as a part of a charity.

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