Pediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology

Pediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology

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Dr. Sheeja  Madhavan
Dr. Sheeja Madhavan


Pediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology


Procedures & Treatments


  • Specialist services in the diagnosis and management of children and adolescents with hormonal disorders
  • Commonest growth disorders like poor growth and short stature are assessed by screening for thyroid or growth hormone deficiency and hormone replacement therapy provided when indicated
  • Expert treatment provided for
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Growth disorders
    • Thyroid dysfunction
    • Early and late puberty
    • Obesity and weight management
    • Bone health and calcium metabolism
    • Adrenal disorders
    • Disorders of sexual differentiation
  • Specialty clinics
    • Diabetic clinic Evaluation, treatment and follow up of children with juvenile or Type 1, Type 2 and other forms of diabetes. The team comprising of a pediatric endocrinologist, dietitian, diabetes educator, ophthalmologist, pediatric neurologist and psychologist provides state of the art care which includes techniques such as continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy
    • Obesity clinic- offers dedicated multispecialty care involving pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric cardiologist, dietitian and nurse educator for obesity and its co-morbidities like lipid abnormality, hypertension and diabetes
    • We evaluate and if necessary, treat children and adolescents with early or late sexual development and other pubertal problems like breast development in boys and menstrual irregularities in girls.


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