Signs of Mental Illness

As life has gotten fast and hectic, different health issues have got introduced lately. Not just physical issues, one of the major problems that many of the people suffer today with is mental illness. Some of the common names of mental illness that people come across these days are anxietydisorders, depression, schizophrenia, and many others. 

There can be several reasons that can lead to a mental health disorder such as the surroundings of the person, work pressure, an accident, or anything else. 

In recent times, kids and teenagers are the ones who are affected the most, followed by the people in their early twenties. American Psychiatric Association has mentioned that 50% of the time, the mental illness starts in a person when the person is somewhere around 14 years of age. Also, most commonly, such psychological issues are found in adults who are of the age 24 or around. 
So, how do you know that a person has a mental illness?

Here are some of the most common signs to look for. 

1. Change in Sleep or Appetite

There is a significant change in sleep pattern and appetite if one is suffering from mental disorders or stress. In many cases, such patients may experience sleepless nights and may also lose interest in food. But there are also some exceptional cases where the opposite may take place. The person may spend most of the time sleeping or may overeat a lot. 

Both cases can be logically connected in different ways. When a person is spending sleepless nights and is not able to eat correctly, this means that the person is thinking a lot about certain things that are disturbing him or her and this is changing the regular lifestyle.

On the other hand, many people are stressed, but they do not want to remember or think about it. In fear of getting a thought, they try to spend most of the time sleeping or even may try to suppress their sadness or tension with excess food. 

If you see a sudden change in the lifestyle of a person, it can be a sign of mental illness. 

2. Staying Disconnected

One significant sign of mental issues is self-isolation. Such people lose interest in social interactions and often decline gatherings and lose interest in activities they once loved. If such a sign is seen in a person, this is undoubtedly a matter of concern. 

3. Mood Swings and Over Sensitiveness

Moods swings are related to many things. It can happen due to hormonal changes in women, during menstrual cycles or even during pregnancy. It can also occur in a person as a side effect of a particular medicine. But if these are not the exact reasons, mental illness can be one of the prime reasons for a person to exhibit fluctuating moods. 

People might also be over-sensitive, and many start to cry or may lose temper over simple matters. It is noticed that people who are depressed or are over-stressed go through such situations and may show more emotions such as sadness and crying when someone consoles them. 

4. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse such as alcohol, cigarette, or drug can happen due to some reasons. Some who are prey to substance abuse are victims of peer pressure; however, there are instances where substances are abused to suppress pain and suffering. Hence, substance abuse is also one of the earliest signs to state that the person has some mental illness. 

People exhibiting these signs must get help and support from an expert to avoid worsening the situation. It is always essential to help these people to get in touch with an expert who can help them with several methods such as counselling, or some holistic treatment. Close family member and friends need to extend their fullest support to help people battle mental illnesses.


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