Coronavirus Tips for Older Adults

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, one obvious thing is that people with low immunity are at higher risk. Immunity in humans tends to reduce as old age approaches. Hence, people of older age are at higher risk in case of coronavirus infection. 

There are different pieces of information making rounds about the preventions and measures on COVID 19. The youth needs to clear out the confusion and offer the right information to the elders. 
It is noticed many elders do not wish to accept that they have aged. It can get tricky in this case to offer them the suggestion that this is the time to take special precautions for them. Munson Healthcare has taken up this issue and has provided some simple ideas to convince the older adults to take special care against COVID 19. 

a. Ask them questions about what they are aware of and then set their answers as the ground on which you can have a conversation to educate them 

b. Older people often wish to have witnesses to believe facts, and hence you should provide them a good number of sources for the information that you are offering

c. Discussing the matter can be a sensitive issue for many elders who do not consider themselves to be old. Hence, it would be best if you handled the conversation delicately without using words such as ‘old age’

d. Offer them your services, such as getting groceries from the store or similar options, and show them how to do it through the ways of social distancing

5 tips to protect the elderly from COVID 19

It is essential to offer them some crucial tips that can help them stay protected from COVID 19. Here are the 5 tips that can help them stay protected. 

1. Staying at home

One of the best ways to stay protected from COVID 19 is to stay at home and maintain social distancing from the community not just for the elderly but for everyone. There may be several aged people who are in the habit of going for morning or evening walks. You can offer them suggestions to try yoga at home or walk around the terrace or garden if suitable.

2. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Besides staying at home, maintaining cleanliness is the second most important thing that can help stay protected from COVID 19. Different videos are available online now that can explain why washing hands frequently is essential. Gather some resourceful options to explain to them in a better way the importance of sanitizers and cleaning hands frequently. Also, let them know how the virus can be on different surfaces such as doorknobs and staircase railings. Offer them the proper guidance on keeping such surfaces clean so that the virus does not infect them. 

Not just the surfaces, it is also essential to let them know how to maintain cleanliness in shared items such as goods bought from a shop or an item delivered at home through an online shopping site. It is important to sanitize the items well before touching them or using them at home. 

3. Social Distancing

It is quite evident that they might have to step out of the house due to some work or some other reason. 
Underline social distancing practice of maintaing 1.5 meters distance from other people, limiting physical contact at all costs, wearing gloves and masks correctly, and avoiding touching mouth or nose with bare hands. Understanding these things will help them stay away from any threat of infection.

4. Teach them Technology

Though they might not be friendly with modern gadgets, now it is time to teach them some of the technologies. Educate them on different necessary options such as operating banking transactions from home, ordering groceries, and medicines online. It will help them to limit their outings and will help them to stay protected at home without getting a hindrance in the necessary activities of life. 

5. Contacting Medical Experts

Older people are quite fragile and may fall ill quite frequently. But in a situation when social distancing has to be maintained, visiting the hospital may not be safe. Hence, an ideal way is to get registered with a medical service. Teach them how to contact the medical experts when they feel ill so that the experts can arrive at home without protection and can offer the required attention. With some medical centres offering online consultations, elders may conveniently consult physicians and remain safe indoors. 

Regardless, people of all ages are susceptible to the infection, however, the older population is at a higher risk and requires the support of the community now more than ever. Remember to show kindness and be patient in times like these as it is our social responsibility to keep them and others safe. 

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