Exercises to reduce stress

Chronic tension can cause long-term conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more. It can also cause everyday health woes like anger, anxiety, upset stomach, insomnia, back pain, headaches, and more. Hence, if the stressful days at the office are making you reach for a tub of ice cream every night, then it's time for you to start working on yourself right away. 

Some research shows that compared to men, women experience work stress more acutely and are more susceptible to both physical and psychological effects due to stress. However, tempting crashing on your couch and watching television might sound, that is not a solution. 

The best way to combat work stress is to sweat it out. An integrative physician, Jeff Migdow, states that "The human body isn't designed to sit all day." Frequent exercise is a powerful method of reducing work stress. He further says that "It allows our muscles to move, encourages blood to flow, and helps us feel more like ourselves."

Apart from relieving you from your stress, the exercise would also help to make our breathing deeper that triggers the relaxation response of our body. Here is a list of eight stress-busting activities that you can try.

1. Yoga: 

Yoga is a type of strength training that makes you more flexible and resilient, which relieves physical tension. The facilitates of yoga deep breathing, triggering the relaxation process of your body. Research shows that yoga helps in reducing blood pressure, apart from promoting mental focus and stress management. 

2. Tai Chi:

This technique is also called tai chi chuan. It is an ancient martial art technique followed by the Chinese that links breathing to physical movement. It helps in promoting your focus on your present, a type of mental absorption where your everyday worries go away. this technique also boosts energy, increases flexibility, better balance, increased cardiovascular fitness, and more restful sleep that improves your sense of well-being.

3. Spinal Twist:

You can exercise in your office without even getting up from your chair. The spinal twist would not only free you of your stress, but it will also easily reduce your lower back pain. Sit tall on your chair with your feet touching the floor. Then take your right hand and try to reach the back of your chair.

Keep your back straight, also rotate your torso to your right during the process. Hold the pose for thirty seconds and then repeat it to the left. 

4. Dancing:

Dancing has multiple emotional, mental, and physical benefits. it's one of the greatest exercise methods that improve agility and grace, along with your heart rate. Some researches have found out that people who practice ballroom dance have fewer chances of developing dementia. Dancing offers a sense of connection and community, which boosts happiness and lowers stress levels. 

5. Pilates:

It is a series of multiple exercises that emphasize proper alignment, core strength, and body awareness. Fitness expert Ellen Barrett says, "With its equal focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles, Pilates creates a physical harmony that simply doesn't allow stress to take hold on easily."

6. Tennis:

Playing tennis offers a fantastic cardio workout that can prevent various stress-related conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Since tennis cannot be played alone, it will help you connect with others. This sense of connection helps with stress reduction.

John Sklare, a tennis coach and Lifescript's Personal Coach, states that "Working out on the tennis court triggers your brain to release endorphins into your body. Those are the biochemical that produce euphoric feelings of peace and satisfaction."

7. Circuit Training:

It alternates cardio with weight-training moves, with short in-between rests. Circuit training is short and sweet that pumps up the endorphin level of your body, improving your mood. Apart from reducing your stress levels, this type of training exercise does not take much time in your everyday life. 

8. Gardening:

The best thing about gardening is that you get to exercise every day while staying in touch with nature. Moreover, if you do not like participating in a strenuous workout routine, gardening is the perfect match for you. Weeding can burn two hundred calories in an hour. Staying in regular touch with nature would refresh your mind and keep your spirits high before you leave for your office.

Wrapping Up:

Even though dealing with work stress is a severe problem all around the world, it is solvable. A study conducted in 1999 found out that exercise can be useful in combating depression. Exercise will help you to keep yourself at a safe distance from stress. An exercise is a form of short and active meditation that has a calming effect on both your body and mind. 

Following these simple yet effective tactics outlined in this article can bring down your stress level to minimal. hence, you can  create real magic and experience breakthroughs at the office. Over time, you would surely be able to avoid work stress and life a healthy life.



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