Sleep Apnea & Weight Loss

Sleep Apnea is the condition where the patient suffers from severe potential sleep disorder where breathing repeatedly starts and stops. Sleep Apnea patients snore loudly when they are sleeping as well as feel tired even they had a peaceful full night's sleep. It occurs when your throat's back muscles relax.

These muscles offer support to the soft palate, uvula, tongue, sidewalls of your throat, and tonsils. When these muscles relax, the airway closes or narrows down when you breathe in. The brain senses that you cannot breathe in and briefly signals you. This makes you reopen the airway again.

Sleep Apnea is mainly of three types, complex sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep Apnea. In recent years, the general public has been provided with an increased amount of information regarding sleep apnea.

Sleep centers, doctors, and researchers have raised awareness about the cause as well as the symptoms of this disease. However, many people remain unaware of various aspects of this disease. In this article, we will talk about some common myths we get to hear about sleep apnea. 

1. Everyone who snores suffers from sleep Apnea:

Even though snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, it does not mean that anyone who snores suffers from this disease. Someone who doesn't snore might also have this disease. Sleep Apnea patients stop breathing when they are sleeping, which can happen innumerable times at night.

This will impact their overall health as it interrupts the sleep cycle while stealing away the sleep. This can result in immediate life-threatening circumstances. 

2. Only older people suffer from sleep Apnea:

Sleep Apnea is not an elderly disease. It can affect anyone regardless of age group, including children. Even though it is more observed in people above 40 years of age, it can happen to anyone at 5, 25,35, or 15.

However, there are a few physical characteristics that might increase the chances of developing this disease, such as for overweight, male gender, being Latino, being African-American, and more. 

3. Only the CPAP machine can treat sleep Apnea:

Continuous positive air pressure or CPAP machines are the best methods of treating people suffering from sleep Apnea. However, it is not the only effective method that is available in the market. Patients can choose surgery treatment that helps in removing the tissue that causes the blockage. In case the patient is facing mild sleep Apnea, they can use a special mouthpiece for managing their symptoms.

Patients who are suffering from overweight can try to lose weight for alleviating the symptoms. Apart from sleep Apnea, weight loss is another concept that is most talked about among people. Weight loss is not a smooth talk, especially when innumerable myths are surrounding it.

This makes it more difficult for people to lose weight in an appropriate method. However, to get past the confusion, we have mentioned some most common misconceptions about dieting and weight loss. Let us take a look at them. 

4. Not all calories are the same:

People who are doing some exercise and maintaining a diet to lose weight, they have to pay attention to their calorie intake as well as the origin of the calories they are taking. Various health experts have argued that eating a handful of almonds is not better than drinking a zero-calorie beverage. Studies show that a good diary helps people to get an insight into their eating habits. It helps them in understanding the various eir calorie intake. This allows them the opportunity to make necessary changes in their food habits.

5. Avoiding alcohol is necessary to lose weight: 

Drinking alcoholic beverages can confer a considerable amount of calories. Hence, most weight loss plans recommend that to lose weight, and people should cut back on alcohol. However, several studies have proved that only heavy drinking can be linked with weight gain.

Moderate or light drinking does not have a similar effect. Moreover, one should also remember that people react differently, even though they all had the same food. Similarly, a glass of wine might not affect someone, while it might have an opposite effect on someone else.

6. Supplements help to lose weight:

The industry of weight loss supplements is quite massive. Some companies claim that their weight loss supplements offer dramatic effects. However, when researchers have studied these supplements, they found out that these supplements are rarely very effective. In most cases, the supplements work due to the placebo effect.

Consumers fall prey to marketing tactics, which promise them to lose weight. Hence, people become more careful about their eating habits and diet. There are certain supplements that offer modest effects. Even the best ones cannot shed more than a couple of Kgs over several months. 

Wrapping Up:

Whether you're suffering from issues like sleep Apnea or you want to make your body look picture-perfect, you must have heard about these common myths already. Most of us believe in these myths due to the scarcity of factual information. The relationship that you have with your body is quite complicated. Hence, it would be best if you always learned about evidence-based theories so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. 


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