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New Year just passed by and we've all scribbled our resolutions with motivation this year too. But one thing that's constant every year is to check that extra fat and get some fresh exercise. We Google and read books on tips, enthusiastically get a membership and try out the latest diets. But as the days pass, we just can't see the results, motivation suffers a huge drop and giving up becomes a very considerable option. 

Weight Loss is a challenge for so many of us. While we burn our energy at the gym, check our diet constantly and pick the greens that out tongues hate and put away the chocolates that we so desperately want, we often ignore the higher purpose of weight loss- better health. Unchecked exercise or diet will only have worse effects on your body. So, we've come up with a list of ten things that you should definitely know before you make your weight loss plan. Drop the fads and read the evidence checked facts were about to tell you.

1. Forget The Fads and Offers

Do they seem too good to be true? Then they're probably too good to be true. Even if you're able to maintain the routine and lose weight, an ideal weight loss scenario is not to gain the weight back. These fads are just temporary band-aids for the larger situation. 

2. Say No to Diet Food

Now that you know that you're just being lured, protect your body and say no to the diet foods. Weight loss is a consistent procedure and the elevator of diet foods is just attempting to take a shortcut, which in most cases doesn’t help. Take the stairs of a consistent weight loss plan instead. 

3. Get Help!

If you're sick, you go to the doctor, you don't medicate and hurt your body. Bodyweight isn't any less important, so make sure you consult your physician and a qualified nutritionist before deciding on your course of action. In a study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry USA, which has collected data for over 10,000 participants, less than half of them lost weight on their own. Hence, healthy and maintained weight loss is achieved better through a physician or program.

4. Combine Diet and Exercise for the Best Results

Work on both, don't just try to exercise or diet alone. Our body needs sufficient energy to run as well as needs to burn sufficient calories to be healthy. Just working on one aspect will not help the issue. 

5. Low- Fat Low- Energy Diets are the Key 

According to the National Weight Control Registry USA, lower fat levels in the diet helped the people to check their diet. Ensure that you consume foods that do not add up the kilojoules in your body. 

6. Consistency and Tracking is a Must

As mentioned before, the resolution must not stay for just the first month and fizzle out as the days pass. Stick to your resolve. Make a group of people who'll help you check and ensure that you are committed to your routine. Track your progress regularly, and this is sure to keep you motivated. We’re often looking at the path left and forget the wonderful journey we've had so far, so celebrate your progress. 

7. Reduce Screen Time

Sedentary behavior is the worst enemy of weight loss. While it's very normal to just want to crash on the couch and switch on the TV,  after a long day’s work and even a tiring workout, it's just a pattern that will quickly turn into an addiction. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that TV watching is the most sedentary activity which goes up to 13 hours a week. Simply said 'Watch Less, Walk More'. 

8. Say No to Smoking and Stress 

It's no new truth to you, smoking and stress is the worst thing you could do to your body. A study found that you are 32% more likely to die of heart disease if you don't take annual vacations. Get enough sleep, laugh and spend time with your loved ones, and importantly,  ‘consciously breathe’ at every opportunity possible. Mindfulness is an excellent strategy that had been proven to aid in stopping problematic eating behavior. 

9. Stay Hydrated 

30- 59% of people who attempt weight loss in the US increase their water intake as water is a 100% safe- 0% calorie hack to help you reach effective weight loss and maintenance. 

10. Set a Limit in Case of Regain

After all the planning, it's quite possible that you would relapse into weight gain. It's very important to forgive yourself and look past the gain and appreciate the progress you've made. Weight loss is not about dieting and exercise and a fall in the number of kilograms. It's about developing healthy habits and revamping your lifestyle to give your body the care it needs. 


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