1. Marma Clinic

KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Marma Clinic is an innovative approach to the management of selected painful musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and orthopedic conditions. As the term itself indicates, Marma clinic is a wise combination of well-established manipulative therapy methods working on vital/trigger points (traditionally known as Marma points) complemented by the use of a range of Ayurvedic herbs and herbal oils.


  • Manipulative therapy utilizes the scope for accurate diagnosis and appropriate evidence-based management of pain and associated complaints. Studies have proven that the best way of using manipulation is to administer it in combination with other therapeutic modalities with similar principles. In practice, it has been established that the combination of Ayurvedic modalities and other selected non-invasive physical therapy methods are effective in the long-term management of specific painful and debilitating musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular conditions including repetitive stress injuries.
  • The duration of a standard Marma therapy session may vary from 30 to 60 minutes and the treatment is supervised by the physician. The procedure is done using specific combinations of Ayurvedic herbal oils that reduce inflammation, promote tissue repair and healing.
  • In commonly seen painful, chronic degenerative and disabling conditions (including those related to the spine, osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy, carpel tunnel syndrome, hand pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, shoulder pain due to calcified tendonitis, recurrent neck and back pain due to postural issues, degenerative changes or scoliosis, repetitive sports injuries, hamstring tightness, Piriformis Syndrome, hip pain, pain behind knee joint or pain due to osteoarthritis of knee joint, pain due to weak knee cap, calf pain, shin splints, foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, metatarsal myalgia and headache due to stress or migraine) where quality of life is likely to be compromised, non-invasive methods in alternative systems of medicine are the usual choice. Hence, the relevance of KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Marma Therapy as an effective system of alternative therapy. The diagnosis that precedes Marma therapy is based on our expertise on functional anatomy and modern diagnostic methods for best results.
  • Our Marma clinical practice is based on systematic assessment and diagnosis of relevant conditions with a well-developed evaluation protocol and clinical reasoning process. Marma therapy focuses on pain management and active rehabilitation.

2. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Transition Care- Integrated Rehabilitation

All rehabilitation programs at KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda follow a comprehensive and integrated approach by disciplined focus on the three essential components of neuromuscular rehabilitation – timely interventions, proper care of the main condition, patient comfort and safety. Our Transition Care rehab programs start immediately after the hospitalized care period for the main condition [for instance stroke management for which the first 6 months are crucial and is considered as the golden period of recovery]. Here, the patients can experience the best of modern and traditional Ayurvedic care.

KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Rehabilitation Program is an exclusive one of a kind because of its cost-effectiveness, non-invasive nature and multi-pronged approach. Here, we focus on improving the functional stability and improvement of quality of life. We set realistic and achievable goals for the patient. We use certain world-class non-invasive modalities for functional improvement such as mirror box exercises and biological cell regulation therapy. Our Ayurvedic care rehab program consists of four to six stimulating/healing therapies per day that is a key component of our Transition Care Program.

3. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Stress Buster Programs

We have an efficient treatment package to manage physical as well as psychosomatic stress conditions that affects quality of life in people of all age groups. The key components of our stress management programs include:

  • Gentle, soothing head and neck therapy
  • Cooling and relaxing therapies (like herbal head bandage)
  • Sirodhara
  • Deep breathing yoga sessions

All stress-buster treatments are administered after precise assessment using modern parameters by our physicians.

Work-related neck and upper limb disorders (WRULDs) are impairments of bodily structures such as a tendon, nerve, muscle, joint, bursa or the localized blood circulation system. Principally, they are caused by the performance of work and by the effects of the immediate environment where that work is carried out. The symptoms include pain and/or reduced ability to function normally. As the term WRULDs suggests, any region of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists and hand can be affected. Our Stress Buster Program is an excellent package for IT professionals/businessmen/PMETs for relief from their regular work stress and strain.

4. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Weight Management and Wellness

The key to a successful weight management program is constant clinical monitoring. Monitoring the lipid profile, specific markers, fat mass, muscle mass, metabolic rate, etc. followed by KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda deep tissue therapies, weekly cleansing, pathya diet and therapeutic fasting are the key features of our unique weight management program. This will be complemented by specialty wellness therapies such as herbal exfoliation by means of natural herbal body scrubs, herbal steam bath, traditional ayurvedic facial treatments and other rejuvenating wellness treatments that ensure confidence and well being with a remarkable makeover in a period of 3 to 6 months. The Pathya Care Diet Program, which is an integral part of our weight management/wellness program, will tune up the individual for a healthy lifestyle thereafter.

5. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detox Program

Clinically monitored Panchakarma/Ayurvedic Detox Program with health evaluation done pre and post-procedure. Natural detox with Ayurveda as a yearly or half yearly routine is effective in preventive care of NCDs [Non-communicable Diseases] and can assist in any recovery process when detox is done as a seasonal routine (6 times a year). Our records show that there is a good number of international and local patients who regularly seek seasonal Ayurveda detox to manage health issues like joint pains, allergic conditions, skin disorders and other lifestyle related issues.

6. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Sleep well clinic

Hectic work schedules, frequent travel, chronic illnesses and other stress inducing factors contribute to the increasing incidence of sleep disorders that is seen today. Managing the stress load appears quite challenging to patients affected by sleep disorders. Snoring, throat and mouth irritation due to chronic snoring, daytime sleepiness, dozing off while driving, etc.are common among the urban population now. Some of these signs could be an indication of sleep disorders or other major underlying medical conditions. At KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda, we make it a point to assess and diagnose it properly and advice the patient accordingly. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Sleep Well Program involves a comprehensive wellness and therapeutic approach to tackling the impact of various forms of stress on your sleep pattern. Starting with an Ayurveda consultation focusing on healthy regimens based on body type analysis and if necessary clinical assessment by a proper sleep study, this program invokes awareness on stress management and has customized and structured therapies that ensure better quality of sleep.

The key highlights of this program are-

  1. A 3-day package [Weekend Package] of Ayurvedic therapies [a minimum of 6 sessions as out-patient or in-patient care] and yoga therapies with a proper sleep study in selected cases and health evaluation.
  2. C2. A combination of detox and weight management programs as an add-on for long term results.
  3. Evaluation and management of associated medical conditions by our team of doctors.

Natural sleep-inducing Ayurvedic therapy modalities like Padabyanagam, Thalam [herbal pack for scalp], Sirodhara, Prathimarsanasyam, Siroveshtanam, SiroAbyangam, trigger point release by Marma therapy, Thakradhara, Ksheeradhara, etc. are administered in this program according to patient’s condition. Medicinal herbal teas with Pathya Diet may be advised by the physician. Soft palate and tongue muscle exercises, pharyngeal muscle exercises with gargling of medicated decoction or medicated oil [gandoosham and kavalam], are also part of this therapy.

7. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Traditional Ayurvedic Care

  1. Paediatric care- Swarnaprashana, Brahmiprashana, Amruthaprashana are our special programs for kids to support their immune systems, assist brain development and control childhood allergies
  2. Ayurvedic rehab programs for early childhood disorders - Cerebral palsy, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, etc
  3. Ayurvedic Post-Natal Care and FEM 40 care [ Pre/ Post -Menopausal care]
  4. Diet Care- Pathya Care for better management of conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, increased cardiac risk and to maintain health
  5. Beauty Care - Herbal exfoliation and Herbal packs for face and body. KIMSHEALTH Ayurveda Himalayan Scrub is useful for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin
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