Zindagi; KIMSHEALTH honours blood donors and blood

15 Jun 2023 | 2mins

Thiruvananthapuram, June 15, 2023: KIMSHEALTH Thiruvananthapuram honoured blood donors and blood donation associations in observance of World Blood Donation Day. The program ‘Zindagi’ was ingurated by  Shankumugham Sub Division Assistant Commissioner of Police, D.K. Prithewi Raj. In his inaugural address he said that blood donors perform the great deed by giving life through blood donation and everyone should come forward as blood donors. He also said that blood donation should be seen as a duty and we should progress forward as a community that upholds brotherhood and humanity. He added that KIMSHEALTH plays a definitive role in modernising the traditional health culture of Kerala and organising such programs can be an asset to educate and transform the society. 

KIMSHEALTH Executive Director E.M. Najeeb presided over the event. He said that with proper awareness we could change a situation where people were scrambling for blood. Today, people are coming forward to donate blood voluntarily, and the blood donation departments in hospitals are working efficiently. He appreciated the blood donors and blood donation associations and also added that a society that realises the importance of blood donation can save the lives of many people. 

VSSC Retd. Deputy Director and KEBS District President Dr. Koshy M George shared his experiences at the event. Transfusion Medicine Group Medical Officer and Consultant Dr. Sanooja Pinky delivered the welcome address and  Consultant, Department of Nephrology and  Hospital Transfusion Committee Chairman Dr. Satish. B proposed the vote of thanks. 


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Zindagi; KIMSHEALTH honours blood donors and blood
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