Dr. Bhavana  Mohandas

Dr. Bhavana Mohandas

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English and Malayalam

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Doctors Profile

  • MBBS  (Government Medical College, Trivandrum)
  • MD Internal Medicine
  • Fellowship in Cardiology, USA
  • Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology, USA
  • Fellowship in Endovascular Interventions, USA
  • Cardiology treatments for adult ischemic heart disease

  • Heart failure

  • Valvular heart disease

  • Arterial and venous disease, and women's heart disease

  • Transoesophageal echocardiography

  • Cardiac catheterization

  • Coronary interventions

  • Endovascular interventions

  • American Federation of Medical Research, Henry Christian Award for best outstanding clinical research
  • Conducted a study on fractional flow reserve and coronary lesion anatomy 
  • Conducted a study on the effects of aspirin on platelet aggregation and the effect of LOX receptors on platelets.
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